The trapper.

gruff // competent // taciturn

Story: Unnamed Sielaxen setting
Setting: Fictional European-like moors, forests
Created: 2002


Airassen is an old character I uploaded just for fun.

About the Species:

Sielaxen are a fantasy wolf-like species I created when I was a kid. They usually walk in a semi-upright stance, though they can get on all fours for short periods of time. They are carnivorous, but not efficient hunters, so they use their handlike paws to craft tools and snares instead. Their fur comes in bright colors and they have orbs at the end of their long, prehensile tails which contain magic related to their life force and glow a color based on their mood. Sielaxen will die if their orb is punctured, and because of this vulnerability they are a wary species who protect themselves by choosing three friends in their adolescence whom they will spend the entirety of the rest of their lives with. They are a spiritual species and the chief they follow is normally one with strong spiritual gifts. They are also craftsmen, as mentioned, and wear a lot of jewelry with specific meanings to signify their relationships, accomplishments, trade, and so on.

About Airassen:

Airassen (AIR-as-in), or Air, is a trapper, responsible for rigging traps and organizing expeditions to bring back food for the tribe. He is mated to Saxifrage, the healer, and he is also bonded to Fuagarth, his old friend and the tribe's smith, and Teillana, Fuagarth's mate and the chief. Airassen means well, but he's tough and gruff and not much of a people person. People wolf? Wolf wolf?

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits