Camille Deuxchamps



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Camille Deuxchamps



「Et je danse sous la pluie, si léger était mon esprit. Mais ramène-moi à la maison, je ne peux rester là]

Camille Fayette Deuxchamps

Female | She/Her


Persian Cat

Sept. 9th



Singer/Cafe Owner

Charlie Brown Rose


Wouldn’t you like to know

Theme Song


Favorite food: Boeuf Bourguignon
Favorite soft drink: Sparkling Water
Favorite alcoholic drink: Mulled Wine
Zodiac: Virgo sun, Pisces Moon, Taurus Rising
Of French origin.
Has a thick accent.
Sweets and pastries are her true weakness.
Studied classical music in a very exclusive college. Took some baking/pastry classes out of her love for food.
Will not raise her voice when angered, at least usually, as she doesn’t want to strain her chords.

4'5” | 135 cm

Coffee & Cream
Fur tone

Body type

Coffee Brown

120 lbs | 54 kg

Sky Blue

Dress Style

Usually wears earthy colored makeup



Slightly wavy hair, shoulder length.
Doesn’t like extremely tight clothes, prefers easy-to-breathe-through fabrics.
Earthy colors are her favorite.
Single ear piercings. Usually wears gold or pearl earrings.
Hair is at least halfway up most of the time.

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[Camille is one refined lady. Growing up with the creme de la creme in Aethinia this kitty learned her manners from a very young age. She never raises her voice, she never sits hunched over and always uses her please and thank you’s. Don’t mistake her elegance and etiquette for a meek personality, this cat has got claws and will use them when needed. Incredibly cultured and smart, Camille’s simple presence can take over a room the minute she enters without uttering a word. She is generally soft and sweet, trying to keep a calm and cozy vibe around her, though her honesty can be a little too blunt for others and appear as a lack of tact and an unforgiving nature. She can be angered though, an icy, cool wrath while she chooses whether to forget and forgive or not. ]

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Sound, Enchantment, Nature
Usable Domains

Ravna, The Ringmaster of Pleasure
Chosen By

Zip it!

Domains of Spell

Camille can turn the volume of a sound coming from any object, animal or even person, up, down or completely mute them individually by moving her fingers up or down. The higher her fingers move, the higher the volume gets, likewise the lower she moves them, the lower it gets until it goes completely mute. She has to manually turn them up or down or the target needs to be far away from her hearing range to reset to their normal volume.

The spell affects the sound coming out, not the source, this means that despite it coming off as a very loud, booming noise, the source is not under any kind of strain.

I put a spell on you…

Sound, Enchantment
Domains of Spell

By singing in a particularly low and sultry tone Camille’s voice can take whoever hears her into a dream-like trance, gluing the victim in its place. As long as Camille’s melodic voice keeps going the victim will remain blissfully numb and paying attention to her performance. Cami uses this spell to de-escalate conflicts going around her or as a distraction.

Flowers Boom

Nature, Sound
Domains of Spell

Camille’s hands move like a conductor’s, commanding flowers to bloom from any surface, ivies spreading and clinging to whatever is close to them in order to make a beautiful, colorful arrangement. As long as Camille’s hands keep moving the flowers keep growing, coiling and arranging themselves in a small radius close to whatever is her target. The moment her hands stop, however, all the flowers bloom at once in a loud cacophony of sounds that boom into something similar to an explosion, causing damage to the target. The more flowers that have been created, the louder and stronger the sonic boom will be. While effective, the casting time of the spell does leave Camille open and vulnerable to attacks.

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Camille was born to a well known, well bred, old blood family in Aethinia. Her ancestors, dating back to an old noble blood from the city, had always been patrons of the arts, devoted to the Lady Sari, showering artists, singers and dancers with funds and support for years. It is because of this that the Deuxchamps are the proud owners of a large art collection, displayed in Aethinia in one of their galleries. Every Deuxchamps kid is brought up to respect, enjoy and usually take part in some art form to keep the legacy alive.

Enter Camille. The only daughter of the Deuxchamps head of family and a perfect little kitten. Camille went to the most prestigious schools in the city, as money was never an issue for the family, as her education was essential. She was a well behaved kid, studious and polite, her grades near perfect and beloved by the faculty. Her upbringing made her a “proud lady of the court”, she was no pushover and earned the respect of her peers as well. Picture of perfection, this little cat.

Alas, perfection comes at a cost. Camille was so obsessed with being the noble and polite vessel of the arts for her family that her social life started plummeting. While young she rarely had time to hang out with other kids simply to play, her schedule filled with other commitments like extra classes, museum outings and even family social events, like openings in theaters, galleries and at the opera. This didn’t change much during her teen years, just added stress from much more complex classes and the choice of what art form she would enjoy trying out. This is when Camille began her training as an opera singer. Her sweet voice easily reached the high notes of a soprano, her parents were thrilled, already picturing her in the most famous opera house of all of Aethinia, entertaining the creme de la creme and Camille was going to make them proud.

She was soon entered into a prestigious academy, where she would get to train her voice under the scrutinous eyes of famous musicians and singers. Camille worked so hard to be the best, to the point of overexertion, and it was recommended by the faculty that she picked a class for fun. Something different just to enjoy herself and that’s where she picked up pastry baking. She met a few people here that changed her life. She slowly came out of her shell, started socializing more and became a more rounded person as she left college… until her performances started.

Camille made her parents proud. Their wishes that she would sing at the biggest opera houses came true, her voice was almost hypnotic to whoever listened. Her fame began to grow, but she was never entirely happy… Yes, she loved music and performing but these were just so many rules, so many people and the insecurity of her fame being because of her talent or just her family ties and importance…

Moving to Arcana

It was about time she cut the umbilical cord with her family, she loved them dearly but it started feeling like she was less of their daughter and more of a puppet. While she had been living on her own for a while now she stayed close, in Aethinia… what if she did something new. Something different? Something… fun. Just like in college… a new place to start a new life, there was talk of this island full of mysteries and opportunity. Why not give that a chance?