Ada Turing (Spook Turing)



5 years, 2 months ago


✦ Spook Au ✦

A cursed mannequin that moves, but only when no one is watching.

No, like, he literally can't move if humans are looking at him.

It's very inconvenient.

The mannequin, nicknamed "Turing," is curious about human life and human clothes but finds it difficult to investigate for obvious reasons. He was presumably at one time a normal mannequin; he has no idea where he comes from or what caused him to animate, but doesn't really worry about it.

He lives in the Spook House and serves as sort of a turing test for whether visitors to the house are human or not (hence the nickname), since humans will trigger his curse, and non-humans won't. Unlike most of the other spooks, Turing badly wants company and likes meeting new people -- though he seems to count "terrifying and scaring out of the house" as "meeting," so it's easy to find a compromise with the other spooks.

The mannequin believes he is dating Vampire Lord Atticus. Whether or not Lord Atticus is on the same page with this assessment is difficult to say, since he's sort of flirty and vaguely salacious with everyone, but he is singularly possessive of the mannequin, and they do seem to care very much for each other.