Ada Turing (MafiaAU Turing)



3 years, 3 months ago


✦ Mafia Au ✦

Turing in the 1920s is a respectable businessman and the current head of Kairos, who is just trying to run his company and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, "staying out of trouble" has started requiring regular payments to the Yakuza for "protection" ever since they got their eye on the fairly successful company's money.

Equally unfortunate is the fact that a few members of a couple different mafia families are starting to catch on to the fact that Turing has a bit of a double life --

The 1920s is a relatively great time to be openly queer, but less great if you're the head of a company, so Turing's weakness for pretty dresses and makeup and his habit of sneaking off to Atticus' speakeasy in drag as "Ada" is very much a secret (and pretty good blackmail material).

Atticus, of course, cares nothing for any of this. He meets this beautiful boy all dolled up and, as soon as he figures out who it is, immediately starts pulling his own connections to the Russian mob to try to get Turing under his control instead.

Sorry, Turing, there's gonna be an entire turf war just because you look nice in a dress.