Just trying to keep busy.

longing // withdrawn // occupied

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2006


Full Name Kjell Rasmussen Age 37 Species Human
Pronunciation KHEL Birthday May 1, 1969 Gender Male
Prefers Kjell Zodiac Taurus Pronouns He/Him
Character Group ??? Religion ??? Sexuality Bisexual
Group Role ??? Background Norwegian Relationship Status Divorced
Day Job Carpenter Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???
  • looks like either a wild mountain man or the leader of a swamp cult, but he's really just a tired dad
  • divorced, wishes his 12-year-old daughter didn't hate him
  • gets to see her on weekends; hopes she'll understand how much he loves her someday
  • carpenter, makes cabinets for a living
  • does other woodworking projects in his spare time
  • pls get this man more hobbies
  • he's good with his hands and making or fixing things in general
  • puts on a tough and aloof face but he's mostly kinda sad rn
  • not the most social guy
  • doesn't really answer his phone or check his emails
  • except when his ex-wife calls
  • not technology savvy
  • loses touch with people
Height: 6'5"/196cm Build: Burly, fat
Eyes: Forest green Hair: Brown (graying at the temples), thick
Handedness: Right Style: Rugged

Kjell, let's be real, looks like he belongs on a package of paper towels. He's big and brawny and dresses like a lumberjack, with a bushy beard and serious green eyes.

He has tattoo sleeves on both arms depicting forest animals and woodland scenes (the specifics aren't super important, but the visible tattoos on his ref are as follows: his left arm has, from hand to elbow, a beaver in a lake, a bear, an arctic fox, and some kind of bird; his right has a wolf howling to the moon, a moose, a bald eagle, and other birds).

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits