The dancer.

softspoken // pragmatic // spiky

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2006


Full Name Eino Aalto Age 32 Species Human
Pronunciation AYY-no Birthday January 8, 1975 Gender Male
Prefers Eino Zodiac Capricorn Pronouns He/Him
Character Group ??? Religion Catholic Sexuality Gay
Group Role ??? Background Dominican (adopted by Finns) Relationship Status ???
Day Job Lounge singer Birthplace Dominican Republic Living Situation ???
  • can ballroom dance
  • the kind of person who gets drunk on wine and makes unbelievably catty remarks about everyone on Dancing with the Stars
  • likes going clubbing
  • also the kind of person who gets drunk on fluorescent club specials with stupid names and makes catty remarks about the people dancing
  • apart from the above scenarios he's normally graceful and softspoken
  • one of those people whom people just decide is their friend and he goes along with it
  • so quiet he can sneak up on you without meaning to
  • ok, maybe he means to
  • intelligent, pragmatic
  • dgaf
  • currently working as a lounge singer
Height: 5'4"/163cm Build: Compact, athletic
Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Dark brown, straight
Handedness: Right Style: Sharp

Eino is compact and small, but strong and athletic. He has a serious, square face and neat, dark brown hair.

He doesn't like to stand out in his everyday life and typically wears somewhat neutral or muted, darker colors, but he has an eye for fashion, and his look is always thought-out.

My art style aside, the cross he wears around his neck is a gold chain.

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits