Blackrain's Comments

" She takes pains not to be seen among the public, dressing all the places she frequents in deepest black and having all her houses built without windows." I immediately had the thought of her painting everything she owns in vantablack pigment. I love how much she loves her wife, despite her not being of royal standing.

It's also really interesting that her and Adamanta once considered undoing the system. I wonder what happened to make Adamanta change her mind...

She would be so into vantablack, I just decided 5 seconds ago that an equivalent pigment exists in their world and she has various furniture pieces painted with it.

I definitely have it in my plans to draw her wife (and maybe post here)! bit of a backlog, but we'll get there eventually.

I love how far she goes to pursue her aesthetic, what an icon!

And yaaay!!

i'm gay

(oh no I forgot to respond to this)

now all you have to do to win her heart is earn a PhD in astrophysics B)