Basic Info


Seraye Phaelin


Appears to be in her 20s but is closer to her 50s.


DFAB Female (she/her)


August 31st




Them (previously Tested and even more previously human)





Significant Other(s)

Tiberius Exuro


Chaotic Good or maybe True Neutral? idk


Doll Shop Owner


Halyn's Alliance, Doll Shop Alliance

Soul Color

Pale Light Blue

Competition Placement


Date Created

2007ish, maybe 2008.


Sewing, tea, coffee, adrenaline rushes, unnecessary details, the sound of tearing fabric, sleeping, comfy chairs, baseball, frills, punching people in the fucking face, floral patterns, longcoats, fireworks, bouquets, ribbons and bows.


Stains, cleaning, golf, Monopoly, fire, the Doll Shop getting damaged (it happens a lot), accidentally pricking herself, dry skin, bleach, school, moths, anything with claws, bugs, hair products.

Favorite Sport



|| - Personality - ||

Around customers, Seraye is kind and gentle. When she's on her own or around familiar company she tends to be cold and sarcastic, making it obvious that she's been through a lot. Doesn't tolerate threats and has a hard time forgiving people. Holds grudges for too long. Won't hesitate to use violence if it's a viable answer but is usually annoyed by people who jump to it first. Kind of stubborn.

Despite this, she's pretty friendly to anyone who seems to be a decent person and is very protective of anyone she cares about. Seraye is the kind of person who'll beat up the kid who took your lunch money even if you tell her not to.

|| - Backstory - ||

Seraye grew up with a strong sense of justice that got her in trouble throughout her schooling. She switched schools more than once and decided not to bother finishing once she got expelled from high school for frequently getting into fights.

Throughout her life she intended on moving to Chase - a neighboring dimension famous for being a location where heroes could fight against villains and become rich and famous. Once she dropped out she made her way over, accompanied by a girl named Anisa Malie who had been her friend since elementary school and was the one who gave her the white beret she always wears. Once they arrived they set up a doll shop (creatively named "the Doll Shop) to raise money and serve as a residence.

Though she knew a lot about knocking skulls with baseball bats, Seraye's real claim to fame was her ability to turn people into dolls. Using this power she hunted down villains and transformed them, torturing them or playing baseball of them or selling them to little girls or whatever she felt like at the time, really. Seraye was a mostly underground hero, never reaching fame or making many allies, if any. But Seraye was satisfied enough.

Of all of the ways to die, Seraye was unglamorously killed by a drunk driver in her mid-20s. The story would have ended there had she not been offered the opportunity to become one of Them, and the story would have ended there if she hadn't declined out of a distaste for immortality. Instead, her decline gave a woman named Opine Frazil the opportunity to pick up her soul without consequence and shove her into the Test Reality where she was slated to participate in the Competition.

Bitter but knowing she'd just have to accept it, Seraye started another Doll Shop and spent her time trying to figure out what the hell was going on. She befriended a reality-bending woman named Halyn and an aspiring musician named Soleil, eventually becoming part of Halyn's Alliance.

Then the Competition happened, but that's a story for another day.

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

Has the ability to turn people into the dolls she creates, and she has the uncanny ability to create dolls of people she's never met. Every doll in her shop is of a real person who exists somewhere. No one's sure where this knowledge comes from; even she's not sure. She can't turn someone into a doll if there's no doll of them already existing (unlikely), and she can only keep someone as a doll for up to a week. If the doll is destroyed or if Seraye is killed (or even just knocked unconscious), the person turns back to normal.

Seraye has a number of baseball bats and is exceedingly good at using all of them against others. Experienced with melee combat in general and is probably okay with a gun due to dangerous levels of exposure to Exuro.

Being one of Them, she's an effectively immortal (she can be killed, but she'll always come back) being who can elevate her vibe to levels that drive normal humans mad. She can also travel freely between Realities and teleport back to There at any time.