Existing on the outer fringe of Entirety in a place called There - the border between Entirety and the nothingness beyond - They are the ultimate beings of Entirety. Sort of. They might be the highest on the Chain - excepting the Superior Beings - but They don't have the godlike power one would assume. All of Them have the ability to freely travel between Realities, instantly warp back to There, and elevate their Vibe to scramble the brains of lower beings, but that's about it. Plenty of beings below Them are capable of warping reality itself, but They have no such innate abilities.

This is because becoming one of Them is an afterlife. When a soul reaches Limbo, it is automatically marked if it is eligible for Promotion. Promotion can be denied - if so, that soul will move on to its normal afterlife - but if accepted the soul is taken to a room where no one quite remembers what happens. The soul will become one of Them, maintaining any of their old abilities and only gaining the few that being one of Them grants them and subsequently being moved over There. They are given a Request, which they can use at any time: a Request is essentially one free wish that can completely warp reality, granting the requester whatever they ask for.

Despite the efforts of Their research, no one is entirely sure what makes one eligible for Promotion. None of the lists out there seem to fully apply. Gods and great heroes exist among Them, but so do completely mundane (former) mortals and joke characters. In fact, most of the populace consists of the chaotic and lackadaisical, making it seem as though eligibility is completely random.

There is one exception, though: a proper Request can allow one to Promote whoever they choose. Opine Frazil has abused this by keeping her Request vague, allowing her to Promote anyone who wins a Competition. While Their existence is a secret to the rest of Entirety, the Test Reality are well aware of Them thanks to Opine. They've developed a strong relationship with the Tested, with the Competition being viewable on any TV over There and many of Them dropping in like it's some sort of tourist joint.