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As the integral line structure, Linija is the living embodiment of lines and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Lines exists because Linija exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

The patron of death and war, the god of both, his conceptual energy aligning with such, Linija is, in a sense, the most well-known Mag. Though, as his name isn't attached to it, he gets away with being famous and worshipped. Get fucked, Dijamant!

A venerable master of combat, Linija carefully tends to his skills in his down time, practicing all measure of maneuvers and weird new unconventional tactics. Brilliant and creative, it's simple for him to see connections between concepts and how they develop into a full-fledged strategy or plan, and he carries this with him into his personal life. 

Because, really, it's simple to see in others' lives where they're messing up and tripping over themselves. And they need someone honest to call it like they see it. Who better than Linija? He's not enough of a narc to rub it in their faces like Polum is, but he's usually right and usually dressing it up under "poking fun at".

When he's not busy showboating for his worshippers or practicing any of the dozens of skills under his belt, he's with other Mags. Easygoing and flexible, he's usually down to hang out anywhere and do anything, and his arsenal of gossip and topics are enough to keep the conversations lively. Even though he's notorious for being a bit of a blunt tease, it's hard to dislike the guy when it's so easy to get along with him.

He might be a nosy bitch in everyone's business, but he's their nosy bitch.

Biographic Information

Name Linija



Height small




Occupation wargodding, as you do

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity lines

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Formicidae

AlignmentChaotic Neutral


Primary Theme ♬Untying the Knot

Secondary Theme ♬Faces in the Crowd

Confident, outgoing, fun, but complains and bitches when things get boring. And oh lord, can the guy bitch. On the bright side, you'll always know if you've upset him or if you're doing something wrong, because there's almost never situations where Linija fails to vocalize his opinion. 

Doesn't talk unless he's convinced he's right or got something actually insightful to say. Annoyingly, he's usually correct about his observations. When quiet, hangs back and observes the group and their behavior until he's gotten a good enough impression of them. This develops into comfort, which develops into effort and critique.

Loves knowing things about other people, considers information collecting to be a good display of affection. Only interested in learning about people he cares about (i.e. the Mags), so it tracks. The more he snoodles for information, the more he so-obviously likes you. Also might like being in control, even passively, of situations. 

Generally low empathy, so substitutes mimicking it. It generally works, not that anyone expects him to be hyper-empathetic anyways. Relies on others to tell him if he's gone too far, especially his partner, Zehneck.

Very proud of himself and his skills, readily shows them off. Doesn't uptalk his abilities, but the ceiling is so genuinely high on them that it might sound like bragging anyways. Basks in compliments and others recognizing his talents. Readily pays lip service to people who genuinely impress him, and is forthcoming with compliments if an impression has been made on him.

Deeply fond of socializing. Struggles to amuse self when not around others. Prone to curious wondering about consequences and results, and daydreams about them when he's busy practicing. Enjoys acting out these through roleplay and debate and discussion, though he doesn't really admit to having a soft spot for it.

tl;dr besides being kinda dickish and blunt linija dealt with abuse & things pretty well, all things considered (looking at you, other mag trainwrecks)

he just ended up finding something else to dedicate himself to, that was separated from genesis/bereave. genny was kinda upset linija was "taking advantage" of suffering they'd accidentally implanted but linija laughed all the way to the bank


Check out the Links section for in-character thoughts!

Zehneck    (that's the bf!)
They're dating. Somehow. Spends a lot of time apart, but have a very friendly and adventurous dynamic when around each other - like experiencing new things and going on trips. Enjoy swapping stories of what they've seen and experienced. Finds Zenny a good pillar of support when he decides to break from being everyone's pal.


Kolo    (oldest friend)
First person he ever met was Kolo. They go way back. Would not admit it under any circumstance, but likes Kolo a lot (and also thinks he's attractive like WOW). Knows he's missing out on a lot of what makes Kolo tick; desperately wants to know more, but doesn't wanna come off as a needy bitch. But still. Pwease stay friends.


Zmeya    (that's his snake)
Hands off his snake! Line crew gotta stick together, Zmeya included. Adores the guy to bits and pieces, highly protective. A little envious of how close Jedana is to him, but doesn't mind enough to act on it. Punches people in the face for talking mean to Zmeya. Desperately wants to punch Genesis. You're gonna get what's coming to you.


Vodovorot    (that's his spiral)
The other line-baby, also part of the line crew. Thinks the attitude and cheerfulness is... well, insufferable, but respects the hustle and supports him anyways. Because we're line crew, and we don't discriminate in the crew, man. Just don't like, go all compliment-y on his ass. Because that shit's too much, and weird.


Rendgen    (that's his bro)
Not a baby, but part of the crew. They've been pals forever, and he's glad Ren's back with the Mags instead of fucking off with Jubilee. Really, dude, the whole Jubilee thing is kind of weird. You DID make the guy. That WAS your affiliated original Timeline. Dude. Regardless, though, thinks it's great he was there to kill Bereave, loves the story.


Ellipsa    (friends)
Friends, especially since they're everyone else's friends and cover each other's overlap. Also part of a gossip circle, primarily about romance and the others' sex lives. Between the two, they've got the deets on literally everyone. Their gossiping never quite reaches malicious, at least, just sort of cutely teasing.


Pravougaonik    (friends)
The third member of the gossip circle, though more annoying. Bluntness is admirable and respectable, but even Linija can't take his attitude for very long and finds no point in the sheer assholery. Sure, it's fun when he needles Dij, but like, ugh. He's just got such a jerkish energy. He doesn't mind being needled, himself, though.


Dijamant    (it's dij)
How can you not be friends with Dij? It's Dij. He's cool and laidback and easygoing, it's great! They're on decent terms, maybe messed around a few times before he ended up with Kolo. Which is both hilarious and also kind of insane. Please tell him all the secrets of how Kolo is in bed. And the secrets of his smile. No homo, though.


Chetyrekhlistnik    (thin ice)
The death god thing is HIS shtick, not Chetyre's. Sure, there's differences in how they manifest it, but STILL. Stop crampin' his style.
Grown closer in recent times. Willing to give him more of a chance and maybe not jump to instant hate. Accepts that it was a) an accident and b) they represent different aspects of death.


Prizma    (dressup buddies)
Prizma likes putting fancy clothes on him. Linija considers them friends, but is always struck by surprise when he realizes how little he knows about Prizma as a person. Likes visiting his pet Timelines, though, as he's still a worshipped figure within and it's fun to have him manifest to mortals to see what happens.


Peshchani    (dressup buddies 2)
Same boat, essentially, as Prizma. Sees Pesh more often, so has a better grasp on them (and subsequently avoids a little more). Not that he dislikes Pesh - they're just less "friend" type and more just "fun activity" type. Thinks they have nice hips and a cute horn color, and likes patting their head. They're so easily flustered!


Kvadrat    (acquaintances)
Prav's boyfriend, mostly. Finds him to be literally forgettable beyond that. Sees him a lot because of how often he's around Prav, but has never really gotten close. Amused by his "rivalry" with Dij. Thinks he's kinda too upbeat and a little too naive. Wonders why Prav is attracted to 'upbeat' and 'naive'. Quickly stops wondering.


Affine    (serf)
Fetch him another glass of water, bitch. You like it.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Lines, illness, math, finality
Rebirth, absolutes, truth, endings
Struggles, ruin, hostility, termination

Power: to induce endings

Tarot Card: Death

Timeline: iota Ι 

Name Origins

"Linija" comes from линија, which means "line" in Serbian.

In Fights

Beats your shit in. No question.

Adept in all forms of fighting and all weaponry. Able to chain seamlessly from hand-to-hand combat to any weapon and back. Has handmade weapons, of the highest quality, packed with billions of enchantments to make them unbreakable, always sharp, and extremely painful.

Ridiculously agile on his feet. Prefers speed and hitting power to tanking. Could be considered a glass cannon, except he's a Mag so "glass" isn't part of that equation.

Not a good sport. Will cheat, distract you, whatever he can to get an advantage. Gladly will set things up ahead of time to trick you if he knows you're going to fight. Doesn't stop til he wins. Automatically heals any injuries. Abuses time hopping to get in minute wins.

Brilliant mind for tactics and maneuvers. Can command/delegate armies with ease; battles he blesses or plans typically go off flawlessly. Always has the high ground and good weather. Good at training both generals and foot soldiers. Generally does not attack civilians or innocents. This is a god of war, buddy.

Does not ever intentionally lose. Rarely goes "easy" on someone. Only trains people personally if he's very impressed by them and they've left an impression on him. Still, enjoys sparring regardless, and his movements and form are so perfect people can pick up on things just by watching/experiencing.

More impulsive of a fighter than a planner, but he's memorized so much that his instincts are inhumanly sharp. There is seriously no winning with this guy. If you win, he's messing with you. Genuinely.

Oh, also, he has magic and reality warping. On top of that. You know. 

Living Spaces

Lives in a stupid big tower. Peeps on people from the windows. Spaces are neat, dotted with  cozy furniture, ceramic-tile floors, and stone walls. Everything clearly has its place, but it's also clearly lived in - often-used objects are strewn about and scattered on tables or desks.

Has several rooms dedicated to weapon forging or fight practice. Enjoys inviting people to spar in these. Don't spar, he'll beat you. (See In Fights section above.)

Public Perception

Deeply revered, under many names and aesthetics, as a war god in most Universes. Despite these gods seemingly having no relation to each other, they all do resonate with Linija and his concepts, and so they are somewhat recognizable across even Timelines. When speaking one of his names to someone from another Timeline, they intuitively understand exactly who you're talking about. His imagery is used by lesser gods associated with war and battles, sacrifices are made in his name prior to skirmishes, etc. Very respected.

To Fragments: seen as a jilted, erratic disasterboy they constantly have to clean up after (fairly accurate). Invoking him is a big no-no because things are definitely going to go wrong. Be careful speaking his name, too. Bitch can exist in 2D space. He might be there.

Liked among the Mags for general availability. Easy, relatively enough, to get along with and drag into hijinks with enough energy to make it fun. Also sassy, so he's funny.

Kolo lets him get away with shit because he has a big soft spot, and it's not like Linija is doing it with his actual name attached or anything. 

Self Perception

I'm pretty cool. I'm happy and satisfied with my life, my friends, and my existence. Sure, there's some stuff I want, but I can chase it at my own pace and I'm fine with that being leisurely. Everyone loves a sassy bitch, y'know? It's integral to me. Hehe. Integral sass structure.

Ribbons & Awards



Ribbons sourced from this resource.

Favorite Color(s)

Favorite Weather

Favorite Food(s)

Random Dice Deck

⚀ Laser
⚁ Typhoon
⚂ Critical
⚃ Summoner
⚄ Sacrifice

  • Strongest sense is touch; strongest taste is sour
  • Ambidextrous
  • more to come there's lots to talk about im just lazy

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