The Producer's assistant. The real brains behind the operation.

clever // long-suffering // skeptical

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1999?


Full Name Ameya Mutsumi Age 25 Species Human
Nicknames none Birthday December 1, 1981 Gender Female
Prefers Ameya Zodiac Sagittarius Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Catband staff Religion nonreligious Sexuality Lesbian
Group Role Producer's assistant Background Japanese Relationship Status Single
Day Job Assistant Birthplace ??? Living Situation In an apartment alone

"But sir..."

- Ameya

The resourceful and underappreciated Penny to Dwayne Hudson, the producer's, eccentric and clueless Inspector Gadget, Ameya is the assistant who keeps his shows on track and quietly saves him from disasters more often than he'll ever know, nixing all his worse ideas with tact and practiced aplomb. Her eyes might get a good workout with all the rolling they have to do, but she's dedicated to the job and she truly cares about him and the shows they work on, the current one being the band competition Catband.

Ameya is not known as a public figure the way Mr. Hudson or the show's host, Ryleagh, are, and although the show is just as much her baby, that's the way she likes it. It is of course one reason why Ryleagh, with all her noise and bluster and nastiness, is Ameya's least favorite person on the crew. The two are opposites in personality and philosophy and hate each other with the polarized fury of mongoose and a cobra-- which the producer is, of course, blithely ignorant of. Ameya is deeply convinced that hiring the blogger was a bad idea, but that was one decision she couldn't sway him on. For now, they're stuck with each other, but as the stress of the tapings wears on, it seems unlikely that that relationship's going to get any better...

Height: 5'3"/160cm Build: Compact, athletic
Eyes: Brown Hair: Gray-blue (dyed from black), straight
Handedness: Left Style: Hip, understated

Ameya is small and fit, with athletic arms (and chest) covered in tattoos of flowers and animals. She has long, silky hair dyed the pretty gray-blue color of a demoiselle crane, usually tied up in a practical bun.

She's fashionable but understated, typically wearing grays and whites, tank tops or blouses and jeans: never anything flashy.


Dwayne Boss


Ryleagh Coworker

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