Catband's ice queen.

untouchable // unknowable // cruel

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1998


Full Name "Ryleagh de Luna" Age 24 Species Human
Nicknames none Birthday March 6, 1982 Gender Genderfluid
Prefers Ryleagh Zodiac Pisces Pronouns She/Her or He/Him
Character Group Catband staff Religion ??? Sexuality ???
Group Role Program host Background ??? Relationship Status ???
Day Job Blogger Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???

Catband’s femme (or homme) fatale, Ryleagh eats gender for breakfast, shitty bands for lunch, broken hearts for dinner, and washes it all down with an ice cold glass of fuck you.

Ryleagh is the host of the program and something of a local celebrity: she was chosen to host because she runs an extremely popular New York area music blog with album and concert reviews, show listings and news. Her reviews are legendary and always absolutely eviscerating, but being reviewed by her is like being blessed, and bands would kill to be insulted by her. She is the sort of person people love to brag that they "partied" with, though saying you partied with Ryleagh is like saying you wrestled a bear when all you did was see one in the woods and it didn’t deign to kill you. In any case, just her presence at an event makes it a big deal, and her hosting this competition immediately makes it legit.

Ryleagh is a terrifying genderfluid god/dess (presentation and pronouns vary by day, but "she" is usually fine) who lives for people getting her pronouns and the spelling of her name wrong. She is icy and untouchable, and her personal life is an enigma. Everyone wants her, or wants to be her, and she is so far above all of them that they all look like ants to be squashed beneath her feet.

What is she really like, as a person? God save you if you try to find out. She evades any attempts to dig into her personal life like a leaf in the wind.

And as for this contest? She knows more than you do. Maybe she even knows more than I do...

Height: 5'8"/173cm Build: Plump, imposing
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blue/purple/pink gradient (dyed from ???), straight
Handedness: Right Style: Bold

Ryleagh always looks devastatingly fashionable no matter the occasion and no matter her gender presentation. Her goal is always to make people weep in despair at the sight of her, really. I associate her with purple, pink, and blue, but if you're drawing her, please feel free to draw her in different outfits than what's in her ref.

She has a mole above the left side of her lip, sharp blue eyes, colorful hair that she styles in a number of different ways, and a cruel smile.

The headset is optional.


Dwayne Boss


Ameya Coworker

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits