• Name Sun
  • Species Star, G-type
  • Gender Female
  • Age 4.603 billion years
  • Height around 6'4 ft
  • Theme

Though it seems so little to notice, those falling petals has value in them. Such as our time together


Known as a ball of sunshine and a sweetheart. She's the most sweetest person you'll ever meet, at first glance. Sun is kind and overconfident most of the time, she believe that everything will be alright-just fine. Though her confidence may cause her to become rude and selfish, despite her kindness. This confidence makes her stubborn; as in she wont likely change her mind or think about her actions. This confidence also stems her straightforward and honest attitude. She thinks everything in her thoughts has to be said in someway. But she'll try to justify on wether it'll hurt or not. If it does, she'll try to sugarcoat it a bit. Still, her words come off as hurtful and sharp when she's angry. She has a hot temper, once you know her well. She would either throw a fit at the person she's angry with or vent to her husband or best friends. It will likely go away in a day or so

Sun is still a warm and welcoming person towards everyone. Warm in personality and physical appearance. Her warmth may warm a cold place and doesn't affect hot environment. However, her warmth may convert to hot when her temper rise. She once worked in a flowershop of her mother's before. It started from a hobby of her taking pictures of her mother's plants. Celestials came to her flowershop just to chat or flirt with her. One of the many reason how she met her husband. Nowadays, Sun takes two job: being a part-time teacher and a florist. She's quick to learn and adapt new things too.


  • Sunflower (It's her favourite flower, she's filled with joy everytime she sees them pointing towards her)
  • Romantic things (She loves to think of a perfect date n doing cute stuff with her partner, her husband in this case)
  • Dancing (A very skilled dancer, she's quick to learn new moves and steps. She has dance to a public audience before. Usually in formal events, basic show or parties)
  • Singing (She can also sing. Usually does it when she's dancing. She has singed to a public audience before. Usually in formal events, basic shows or parties)


  • Bugs (It ruins most of her plants stop)
  • Heavy rain (Same reason as above. There were also major disastrous events because of the heavy rain)
  • Horror genre (Not that she's scared of it. She doesn't get what's exciting with being surprised by a jumpscare)
  • Item



She has a slim body with a yellow skin which glows. She has a red hair tied into a ponytail. When she untie it, her hair flows wildly. Similiar to her skin, her hair glows.

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Insert backstory here

She met Earth when he decided to come into her shop. The moment Earth stepped in after days of watching from afar fascinates her. It's not usual for someone to only watch her shop instead of coming in. But Mr. Blue (his common name around folks) is known as a busy but friendly guy. They chatted for awhile. Shortly after this event, they started dating and later got married. They were a supportive couple. People referred them as the ideal couple because of they get along really well.

But the fleeting beauty is surely to scatter. She had to leave Earth due to her job as a teacher. He bid her farewell with a kiss on the head. What was supposed to be 2 months turned into 2 years. She dissapeared, or rather died to an unknown reason. Noone has seen her except for one. And that celestial was the one responsible for her death. Countless efforts has been lost to find her. So far there hasn't been any signs of her. But even so, Earth is still patiently waiting, hoping for her to come back.

Earth (Mr. blue)


Her husband. They love eachother endlessly. Earth is still waiting for her to come home



Her bestest, closest friends. She likes to hang out with her and sometimes help her out. They are cheerful when they meet with each other inspite of mercury's cold demeanor



Another close friends of her. They rarely meet because of Venus' job. But they still interact and communicate with eachother and ask about what they are doing. Sometime asks how is his brother doing if he couldn't contact Earth.