Lorei Etlai



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Name: Lorei Etlai

Age: 211 years old

Species: Forest elf

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Personal knight to Shurei

Personality: Good-natured, outgoing, sometimes childish, doting to Shurei, hard comprehension of personal space (he tends to hug people a lot), absolutely ADORES kids (that's why he still treats Shurei as a child)

Specialities: Martial arts

Weapon: Although he was well-trained in using a sword and bow during knighthood training, he prefers using his praesidium (a vine cane that literally means 'protection') that is able to dispel damage and be used as a shield. It also concentrates his magical energy so he can release it within his own control (without it, his magic becomes unstable)


Shurei: Lorei acts like a second mother to Shurei, sometimes embarrassing him because he dotes on him too much. They are both so good-natured, kind and good-looking that the servants of the castle created a personal fanclub in honour of them

Cherval: Lorei has known Cherval since they were kids so, it wasn't surprising that they ended up being the top of the class during knighthood training. They eventually got selected to become personal knights to the princes so their friendship still continues until today. 

Ryou: Although Lorei isn't a personal knight to Ryou, he still cares deeply for him and considers Ryou a fellow brother. Sometimes when Cherval has to be away on other knight duties, Lorei would take over babysitt- guarding Ryou as well. Ryou usually ends up destroying part of the palace because Lorei is soft on him

Hana: Lorei sees Hana as a future queen due to the affections Ryou has for her. Hana tends to avoid Lorei though because he reminds her of Kanade (her older brother), causing Lorei to feel dejected every time she rejects him and his hugs. Lorei makes it his personal mission to make Hana approve of him

Mayu: Lorei treats Mayu like a little girl, which she doesn't mind because she likes being pampered. He often gives her candy and praises her a lot