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Other names Archangel of Mercy, Patron Angel of forgiveness
Age Immortal
Gender Angel (he/him, but angels don't have genders)
Resides in Umbar
The other winner of my Twitter poll!

Of all his colourful and often vengeful brethren, Zadkiel is perhaps the nicest. He has taken it as his task to watch over the people of the peculiar town of Umbar, which sprawls out endlessly in a dreamlike maze. The protective halo radiating from his being extends only as far as the cathedral grounds: starting at the graveyard beside it, the spirits of Hell and Death may pass. Any who venture closer will be burned by his power.

Many a human (and spirit of other kind) has sought shelter within his protected space. He is aware of all who reside within the town, and cares about them, in the way an angel may, while also refusing to stick his nose in—or point any of his six eyes in the direction of—their business. He entertains only those who come seeking him, and only in his own mysterious, angelic ways.

In his regular form, Zadkiel has the appearance of a bird with six eyes and six wings. This is understandably quite terrifying for the uninitiated: not the best look for an angel of benevolence. As such, he usually takes a vaguely humanoid form when communicating with humans.

Like most angels, though, he's still working on it. The resemblance isn't perfect: he cannot hide his six eyes, nor his wings, and he doesn't manifest legs because they aren't usually visible beneath his robe. Topologically similar to a human-shaped sock puppet, if you will.

In this form, he often folds and hides two or four pairs of wings under his robe (indeed, the space within his robe left by his lack of a torso and legs is often used as storage space). Each of his eyes can move independently from the rest, something he tries not to do in the presence of mortals.


Zadkiel is an Archangel with the favour of God. Though at first he fought alongside the other angels in the war against Hell, he tired of the death, loss and sorrow, and chose to settle instead in the Cathedral of Umbar, which stands at the heart of a town lost in time that needs guardianship more than any other place In Between.

The people of Umbar know Zadkiel resides in the cathedral, but he doesn't usually appear before them unless directly petitioned to. To most, he is simply a rumour, or a vision—a being whom they take for granted exists.

Here in Umbar, the divine and diabolical powers often mix and mingle with bizarre results, the same way new diseases brew and emerge where sewage collects. Many of the ensuing troubles eventually involve him, when the victims come seeking help or protection.

One of the several he's become familiar with of late is Amari, a magician who first stumbled upon the cathedral when they sent a child there to protect her from the death come to claim her. Ever since, they have struck up a deal with Zadkiel to bring all the lost children they find.

Amari Amari, with their knack for befriending beings far more powerful than they, has managed to get acquainted with Zadkiel by bringing a child, Venia, to his safety. They did not expect to find an angel in the cathedral, but it was a pleasant surprise, for no one could offer better protection against the ravages of an unfair death, which are on the rise lately since Death set its eye on this town. Zadkiel does like the prospect of running his own mini orphanage in the cathedral, something to do when mass is not in session.
Azrael Zadkiel is not fond of Azrael's activities within Umbar, the extended realm of his guardianship. Of course, he knows Azrael is simply doing a thankless job and is hard-pressed to find fault...but with the two of them being two of very few angels who aren't participating in the war, there have been more than a few unsavoury encoutners between the two, especially where a certain reaper child named Mort is concerned.
  • Zadkiel doesn't actually say mass in the cathedral, as neat as the idea might sound. He normally retreats into the chapels, where he becomes merely a flicker of light, lost in the glow through the stained-glass windows. Some who wander there report seeing odd visions or feeling the brush of a wing.