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Other names Mage
Age Unknown
Height 5'6"
Gender Nonbinary
Born in Umbar, In-Between

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Amari takes pleasure in meaningless diversions: games, jokes, riddles, pointless capers among other things. They're deft with their hands and a consummate actor, talents they could well have put to use as a thief or con artist, but their love for attention and mystifying others, as well as their unerring commitment to doing good (as they define it, anyway), led them to the natural conclusion that they should become a magician instead.

As slippery as a fish, Amari is impossible to catch in one place, especially if you're trying to do so. Creative and quick-witted with a keen eye for detail, you can always trust them to find a way out of a pickle—much to the frustration of their enemies, particularly a reaper named Mort, who is as tireless in her pursuit of them as they are capable of slipping out of her grasp.

Possessing the ability to see dead things, and fascinated with the bureaucracy of death, which they have gradually begun to understand, they have made it their mission to keep snatching souls from the edge of death to offer them a second lease of life...without paying much mind the the notion that death might be better for them, sometimes.


Amari wasn't always capable of seeing the beings of Death. Angels, reapers, ghosts, all became visible to them when they drowned in a river on the outskirts of Umbar and were saved by the minor spirit Musad, who fished their soul out of the current of death as he was bowing his head to drink.

Because the process of dying had been arrested midway, they now straddled the line between living and dead, and were now able to see beings from both sides. This state of being came with a few other perks: they weighed almost a fraction of what they once had, and were as such far more agile than before.

Along with their already existing penchant for trickery and their ownership of an ancient wand of teleportation, they took to performing death-defying feats for audiences seeking thrill.

One day, they happened upon the reaper Mort in the process of reaping the soul of a sickly homeless child. Deciding to pay Musad's favour forward, they sent the child to safety, garnering Mort's eternal hatred.

Musad A camel spirit who saved Amari's soul before it could flee into the realm of Death, Musad did not intend for them to be able to see him after saving them—or for them to become a regular nuisance at their favourite haunt by the oasis south of Umbar. No, Musad cannot "give you a ride", dumbass. He is a spirit.
Mort Thanks to Mort, Amari can never rest easy when they're outside the domain of an angel. Her never-ending pursuit has only convinced them to work harder at defying death and its legions. Mort's interjected complaints over the course of the past year have brought them to the gradual understanding that Death is an annoying bureaucracy.
Venia Venia, the child whom they saved from death by plague once, views Amari fondly and is always eager for their visits. Amari treats the child kindly, bringing gifts (of questionable nature), and is happy to see her doing well under Zadkiel's care.
Zadkiel Amari is in good standing with Zadkiel, the guardian of Umbar who now acts as Venia's custodian. He is their main ally in their supernatural misadventures, and they have come to see his sanctuary, the Cathedral of Umbar, as a safe haven and resting place where the dastardly Mort can't find them.
  • As of recently, I now share my name with them. Considering my penchant for naming my characters with my favourite names, it was bound to happen.