Full name Gertelina Ineffable of the House of Hearts
Age 41
Gender Female
Resides in Queen's City, The Queendom
From my novel, Revolving Door! Major spoilers are associated with her and her profile will never be complete.

The vast Queendom rests upon the whim of Gertelina Ineffable. Even her briefest thought shall become law, if she so wills it. She has no flaws nor shames; the Queen of Hearts is never flawed nor ashamed. The Queendom is her plaything, and she toys with fortunes and aspirations. There is no such thing as mercy: there is only right and wrong, as defined by her supreme will.

She is a goddess in the flesh, the conduit of the Light, and she has never answered to anyone in her life, save the previous Queen of Hearts. She sits so far above the rabble they could not hope to lay eyes upon her if they wanted. Most would cower before they dared speak her name, for fear of tarnishing it with their tongue.

She doesn't fear usurpers, for why should she? All who've come before have submitted, and all to come shall as well.

After all, all she has to do is speak the word, and anything would be done in her name. She considers herself kind: for someone who towers so tall over the rest of humanity, she does not wield her power with that much force. While the other three houses fight over scraps, she watches and smiles.


She's the motherf*ing Queen of Hearts. She has known no superior, nor any better. Born into the role, she ascended to it without incident, and was never once challenged, while the lower houses squabbled.

That is, until now...

Hel Her first partner and the one with whom she'll have her heir, Hel knows they will never equal their Queen and sees their partnership as but a duty, pleasing themself with the life the Queen has offered them. It would be arrogant of them to claim to have Gertelina's respect, but she does indeed hold them in higher regard than nearly anyone else in the world—that is to say, with any regard at all.
The other matriarchs She thinks little of the other matriarchs, even the Duchess of Diamonds, many occupiers of the seat of whom have been prone to eyeing her throne. They are petty and flawed, and the flawed cannot be Queen.
  • She enjoys croquet, as her mother did. It is the nobles' sport, after all.
  • Gertelina has naturally off-white hair; she dyed it red (and her skin pink) for the aesthetic.