Name Metara

Pronouns he/him

Age Adult

Race Ant (aner)

Spectrum Lesser God

Homeland Gemline

Location Gemline


Generous, loving, and kind, Metara was renown for his sweetness. He cares equally for all of his fellow lesser gods, weighing both sides of arguments and disagreements, often serving as a mediator. When not busy settling conflicts, Metara enjoys creating - especially tangible things, including the worlds of interior design and fashion design. Liable to fret after others and worry over them, Metara is a by-the-book mom friend.


Metara had little work before Cogito's takeover (and after, really). Gemline was his beautiful home, after all, and he never really wanted to leave. Unwilling to visit mortals, he was relatively unaffected when the rule against mortal interaction came to pass, but quickly stood up for Cleverly after Narke attacked the former. Saving Cleverly from death at the hands of Narke, Metara watched as he fled from Gemline and disappeared from their collective for years.