Basic Info


Cis female


5 ft 4 in (162.5 cm)


~120 lb (54.5 kg)


Heterosexual (mostly)


May 16th


DISE agent (MA team), rogue agent, freedom fighter


Mixed race (Arab, African, and European; exact nationalities and percentages unknown)


Nina was adopted from an orphanage as a toddler by an undercover DISE agent and raised in a cover town. Her childhood and education was surprisingly normal up through high school, aside from being raised communally rather than by singular or paired parental units. Upon graduating high school, instead of college, she attended the DISE training academy. There she learned more about monster biology and how to track, outsmart, overpower, capture, and kill them. She was also taught general investigative and wilderness survival skills, as they would also prove important in the field.

After graduating from the academy at the top of her class, Nina continued to impress her superiors as an adjunct agent. She shadowed and assisted a veteran agent on her assignments, and the agent in turn mentored and taught her on the job. With her mentor's blessing, she was assigned to the Investigative and Apprehension Division as a full-fledged independent agent, where she and and other agents were sent to look into reports and confirmed incidents of supernatural activity. This ranged from everything from missing crops to brutal massacres. Agents were expected to capture entities dead or alive, or to call in DISE-sanctioned mercenary backup if necessary. Nina was very good at her job, and gained the attention of the board and of Director Hayworth himself.

She was hand-selected by Director Hayworth to participate in the MA Program, and was honored to accept. She was matched with Zephran, an 8 foot tall, 1000 lb beast with massive teeth and an equally massive attitude. For many months, their relationship was extremely tense. Zeph made it clear he would only do the bare minimum required to keep himself alive, and Nina often had to resort to force and corporal punishment.

As time passes, however, and as Zeph gradually opens up, she begin to question her views. She learns Zeph can be just as gentle and caring as he could be violent and belligerent, and he could laugh and cry and hold surprisingly thoughtful conversations just like - or in some cases even better than - any human she's ever met. Little by little, she starts to treat her targets with a little more compassion, convincing them to come quietly and telling DISE to provide medical care when necessary (often unaware of the hell they'd be subjected to regardless).