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This is a mini bio! Mini bios are for when I really want a character uploaded for links, literature, art storage, reference, etc., but can't muster up the spoons to write out all of my usual sections. As such, while this profile is complete it only scratches the surface of the character. Expect a fuller profile in the future!


Name: Elemon Ohod
Pronounced: EHL-uh-mon OH-hawd
Gender: this post
Pronouns: Any, typically he/him or they/them.
Birthday: He came to be long before such concepts.
Zodiac: He does like the crab...
Age: He doesn't even have a guess.
Height: 7'10"
Species: Demon...?
Orientation: Aromantic/Asexual

A hulking mass of purple robes and magic runes, Elemon cuts an imposing figure. One is right to fear him: he's the longest-serving Representative of All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant and didn't get his position for no reason. He is one of the most powerful beings in Entirety, his sheer magic power alone able to overwhelm gods, to say nothing of his physical strength or intelligence.

While he is just as you'd think while serving Hadris - ominously quiet, dedicated to his orders and his orders alone, never failing a task requested of him - outside of work he's surprisingly gentle. While certainly an introvert and definitely awkward when it comes to socializing, Elemon is perfectly capable of enjoying times of peace, engaging in hobbies like fishing, reading, and entertaining children.



If one had to describe Elemon's personality, they would probably say... he doesn't have much of one. He isn't the most exciting person to be around, as he never speaks without being spoken to beyond warning his allies of potential threats or reporting things to Hadris. Even when he does speak, it's as laconically as possible; good luck trying to ever get a conversation out of him. He and socialization don't mix very well, and he tends to feel uncomfortable in large group settings. Well, unless it's perhaps an army or something. The battlefield suits him much better than a party.

Elemon is a serious sort, lacking any sense of humor and insistent on everyone staying in line to ensure plans proceed smoothly. He is not cold or cruel, however, and while firm there's always a gentleness in his corrections of his associates. Indeed, despite being the most brutal member of the Representatives he's hardly the cruelest. He simply seeks to complete orders given to him, struggling to find aims in life beyond orders. Order is comforting to him.

While he doesn't seem it, Elemon is not joyless. He might not be very expressive, but he has a number of hobbies he enjoys, from crafting to studying to craftwork. He tends to be popular with children, and he is always happy to humor them with displays of magical skill. His patience is limitless, both in that he has no problem tolerating kids tugging on his robes and that he isn't bothered by the numerous times he's been sealed away for hundreds of years with nothing but his thoughts as company. These things happen.



Elemon is not someone you ever want to find yourself in a fight with. His status as the most powerful mage in Entirety could only be contested by perhaps a handful of others; there is no school of magic he is not an expert in, and he trains his skills constantly to maintain his breadth of knowledge and expand it beyond the range of comprehension. From elemental spells to support to healing, there's nothing he can't do.

If that wasn't enough, Elemon isn't shabby on the physical side either. His form is massive and muscular, and while his melee combat knowledge is nothing compared to his magical combat knowledge, he has little issues cracking skulls should his magic be somehow disabled. He's intelligent and an excellent tactician on top of that, making it difficult to outwit him or do anything to weaken him; you take away one trick and he pulls out another you didn't even realize he had. You would do well not to make him an enemy, but when it comes down to it, if Hadris wants really wants you dead... well, if you see a mass of robes, get your final words ready.


Elemon's origins are unknown, but there are all sorts of theories floating throughout Entirety. Perhaps he's a congealed mass of primordial energy from the dawn of Entirety, not unlike his employer. Maybe he was a demon created from the hatred of a thousand damned souls. Perhaps he was the creation of some magnificent god, showing just how much power could be held in such a meager form.

All that matters, though, is that once he was sealed away on some isolated planet. One day he was unsealed, ordered by the man who freed him to decimate the planet. With no will of his own Elemon obeyed, following the man on a course of destruction that never seemed to end. When there was nothing left for Elemon to effortlessly destroy, Elemon turned on his master - who failed to realize an order for ultimate destruction meant he too was to be eliminated - and killed him.

...But what next? With no orders and no purpose, Elemon wandered aimlessly across the wasteland he had created, feeling nothing. Eventually he came across a small village in a polar landscape that had been overlooked, but with his former master dead he felt no need to destroy it. On the outskirts he came to inhabit a cave, which soon revealed itself to be the secret meeting spot for the village's children. Their curiosity about him was insatiable, and they soon goaded him into doing their chores and amusing them with magic tricks. This lasted a few years, during which he began picking up some hobbies, learning skills beyond just magic, and altering his appearance to fit in better. It didn't last forever, though. Eventually the adults found out about Elemon and could recognize from the tales of what few refugees existed that Elemon was the one who effectively destroyed their world. Feeling something he was unable to recognize, he did not fight against being re-sealed despite the protests of the children.

When next he awoke, he had been unsealed by All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant, who declared himself Elemon's new master. Unable to recover from Elemon's apocalypse, the planet was barren. The village he once knew was gone and no traces of life remained, blanketed by centuries of snow and ice. Though he did not resist Hadris' commands, there was a part of him that felt empty in leaving the planet.

Fortunately, both Hadris and Elemon changed considerably over their time together, softening and becoming more human. Though the process has been slow, Elemon has come into his own and is content with his life, feeling Hadris' employ strikes the perfect balance between his needs and gives him the tools he needs to understand what it is that makes him feel whole.


DATE CREATED Somewhere around November 2012.
SOUL COLOR Dark purple.
OC BLOG TAG http://viremialite.tumblr.com/tagged/elemon-ohod

  • Elemon's Interabang counterpart... well, he's dead, so it doesn't matter too much. In Altirety he was killed alongside the rest of Hadris' empire as Memen finally got her revenge. Elemon's death served to show just how powerful Memen was, foretelling a dire future for much of Entirety...
  • I... I don't really have a good reference of him RIP, hard to make heavily cloaked beeferonis in most generators and that's not quite my art strength, either. His focal image gets across the facial features no one ever sees pretty well, but even then it's lacking his many inhuman traits. Here's his old description from Charahub, which is still pretty accurate.
  • Seals are his favorite animal.
  • His least favorite food is celery, because... well, because Tomodachi Life said so.

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