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300cm / 9'10"
Female (she/her)
The Higher Planes
Celessani, Senti



The playful, mischievous god of the Sentan people, acting as caretaker of the saenshi, quaikl and quiann alike. She watches over the peoples of Senti carefully, ensuring the planet continues to exist in a state that supports life. Responsible for creating the unusual twin demigods Sha'a'lin and Jae, and dating fellow goddess Vanai.


Senn is so old at this point that she's warped back to a bright-eyed, inquisitive young adult, as is the cycle of existence for those who live for aeons. Like many gods, she tends to act solely through her followers, guiding them to the right conclusions and suggesting to them the right courses of action to take, but she doesn't attempt to micromanage how they develop. She's delighted to see how they grow and evolve, after all. She feeds purely on belief, and having inherited the quaialin from her deceased companions, there's a lot of that to go around and keep her well-fed and content.

Senn is largely seen as a trickster goddess, but also one who is ultimately well-meaning and kind. Her pranks are rarely mean, although sometimes they might hit a sensitive spot. She's generous to those who pray to her, and always happy to welcome new followers to her flock, so she can be found not just throughout Senti's universe, but in places within the Terran universe as well.



Senn is uncountable billions of years old, and a being who originated on a higher plane of existence. Like many others, she delved into the lower planes to explore, discovered mortals who entertained her, and remained there, sequestered within the non-space between the atoms of the world. She has no interest in the petty politics of the higher plane, but she's friendly enough with the other gods she encounters on the lower planes.

Senn's interest in Senti is as old as the physical ball of rock and dirt, but the saenshi and quaialin have only existed for a few million years. While she was mostly responsible for the creation of the saenshi, she did offer some help to Sadirn and Chiam as they brought the quaialin into being. The three existed peacefully alongside their charges for some time, taking time off to sleep and dream periodically.

It was during one of those rest periods that the followers of another being invaded Senti, enslaved the quaialin, and attempted to wipe out the saenshi. The damage done to both species weakened all three gods significantly, and the invaders used a terrible weapon on the twin gods Sadirn and Chiam, causing them to destabilise. Senn grabbed their souls, or at least, what counts for souls with beings like them, and jammed them into a quaialin egg in the hopes of preserving their existence somehow.

It didn't work quite the way Senn had hoped. The twins were too far gone, but what was left of them infused with the unborn twins inside the egg, and the first-- and perhaps only-- pair of non-identical quaialin twins hatched from it some months later. Senn guided the newborn demigods to lead a rebellion against the invaders, ousted them from their space, and the three turned to helping their people rebuild.

A few generations later, a strange tear was discovered in reality on a plateau deep in the wilderness. Strangers from another world travelled through, and Senn met the newcomers herself in the guise of a quaikl. They seemed genuine enough, and she knew everyone was really tired of fighting, so she made a deal with them-- they were allowed to explore and trade with the locals, but only if they were on their best behaviour.

Current Day

Currently, Senn spends her time watching over the Sentan people and spending time with Vanai, another goddess whose charges have moved in to mingle with the Sentans. She likes to pop in and mess with her followers, often wearing different forms to obscure her identity. A number of her people have travelled to Terra to explore, and she tags along with them sometimes, fascinated by the high-tech world that can be found on the other side of the portal.




Light Magic
Aisenn's powers are based on the concept of a sun; a great ball of heat and light that brings life to the world its rays reach. She is very much a creator god, but one who works abstractly, creating the ideal conditions for life to flourish, and then watching in delight as it does. Like all gods, her magic radiates around her, and in large doses it has negative effects; those who stay too close for too long may end up burned or blinded by her light. These negative effects don't occur within the metaphysical realms in which she usually dwells.
Imbued Blood
Like the blood of all gods, Senn's is a metallic golden liquid that is heavily imbued with her specific flavour of magic. Interestingly, while it can be used to encourage growth and healing in skilled hands, its most common properties is luminescence and flammability.
Metaphysical Travel and Manipulation
Like most of her people, Aisenn can travel through planes of reality above that of the physical; she can also generate and manipulate anything she desires within these higher spaces. She spends most of her time dwelling outside of reality proper, in a ruined temple surrounded by lush rainforest.
Perception Manipulation
Aisenn is capable of appearing to mortals in any chosen form. In most cases, her colouration and build remain the same, but there are exceptions, especially when becoming something like a human. As this power is perception-based, it doesn't function when recorded in photographs or video footage-- but what the camera sees is not what mortals see.



Vanai lover
Another goddess Senn met as her followers travelled beyond their solar system. The two quickly bonded over their past troubles with keeping their peoples alive, and over time developed a romantic relationship. They make things together often, and spend much of their time together in Senn's temple.


Sha'a'lin "Mackenzie" kei Saenn creation
One of a set of twin demigods created when Aisenn infused the souls of the dead gods Sadirn and Chiam into a quaialin egg. Mackenzie has travelled to the neighbouring universe of Terra to live a relatively more peaceful, anonymous life after spending veirre first few centuries helping liberate veirre people from slavery. Senn keeps an eye on vem, but gives vem veirre space.


Jae kei Saenn creation
One of a set of twin demigods created when Aisenn infused the souls of the dead gods Sadirn and Chiam into a quaialin egg. Jae is still in quite close contact with Senn, having remained on Senti to help her birth clan raise their kids.