Gummy Worm



2 years, 2 months ago


Gummy Worm ("Gummy") was created to gather resources and materials for Skena's use; things she would find value in, such as dead animals, natural materials, etc. Gummy, however, has developed very hoarder-esque tendencies, along with a great deal of resource-guarding aggression. He seems marginally affectionate of Skena, however, and will sometimes very ceremoniously give up some of his perceived possessions to her or Mahva*.


Is hairless! Slight peach-fuzz to his "coat" making for an almost suede-like feel; Very wrinkly

Has a long, prehensile tail

Has short legs reminiscent of a dwelf cat, with opposable thumbs on his forepaws that make for grabby little hands

Has a relatively snake-like face (no scales, just wrinkly skin), complete with heat-sensing organs along with more traditional nostril holes

BIG eyes. He possesses eyelids, but rarely blinks. He has slit pupils (cat-like / snake-like, depending on perspective)

Makes cat-like noises, but a bit more gutteral. Usually growls or grunts or yowls if he's particularly displeased, not so much traditional meowing

Is very flexible and can seemingly be comfortable in virtually any position!