Akari Saito



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Name Akari Saito
Age 21 years old
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual (Female Leaning)
Role The Pokemon Wiz
Occupation Pokemon Researcher




  • Figuring out what Akari looks like is something that took a while to figure out as her design is something that I wanted to contrast to the older Pokemon Professors.
  • Akari is meant to explore the nature of Pokemon Professors versus Pokemon Researchers since it's something that I feel is rarely explored.
  • Unlike her older brother (Gael), Akari and Katsu are the only ones to have Japanese names.
  • Akari and her siblings like to call themselves the "G.A.K Squad" when they were young.

Researcher of Variants


Your name is Akari Saito, and you are a Pokemon Researcher. You often have to clarify the fact that you have no interest in becoming a Pokemon Professor since you have no interest in having that responsibility. You have two brothers. One of them is the eventual Sinnoh champion (Katsu), and the other is a popular chef (Gael). You are very fond of your elder brothers and often try your best to visit them whenever you can. Granted, you currently live in the house with Katsu so for him, that's not hard. You work under Atticus Lab, a research group that studies the concept behind Pokemon having different forms (i.e mega evolution and region forms). You are task with the duty of understanding why certain Pokemon can change forms and what led to this development to occur. Thankfully, Katsu has been doing a good job at gathering Pokemon to study due to his love for collecting new Pokemon and his tendency to collect almost every species he can. As a side note, you are happily in a relationship with Mai. She works as a Cabbie under the Flying Taxi service in Galar.



  • Farmlife. While she doesn't mind the city, she enjoys spending most of her life on a farm since it tends to be relatively quiet and calm.
  • Family. While they may bump heads on occasion, she loves them and is willing to do whatever it takes for to make them proud of her.
  • True Crime Podcasts. She always falls asleep listening to those darn things. There's something intriguing about them.
  • Puzzles. If you tell her to solve some kind of puzzle, she'll try her best to solve it with a big grin on her face.


  • Clutter. She can't stand seeing it and often gets on her brother's case whenever he makes a mess of things.
  • Being reminded how young she is. She's not that young. At least that's what she always like to say despite only recently becoming 21.
  • Being by herself. She hates the idea of being lonely and prefers to be in the company of someone. It's why she ask her brother to join her in Galar.
  • Sports. She never understand why anyone cares about them as they all seem pretty boring in her eyes.


Akari is an emotional, strong-willed, and bubbly young lady who puts all her heart and effort into the things she does. In this case, it's her research on Pokemon variations. The female can be stubborn and straightforward (as shown through her interactions with Katsu and Gael). However, she hides that behind a humble, kindhearted persona. She claims that having his persona allows others to easily trust her (and possibly give her free things as a result). It's something she wishes her brother would do. Combined with her witty and sassy attitude, most can often be caught off guard by how blunt she can be. Her appearance would suggest that she's not the type to be so blunt. It should be noted that between herself and Katsu, she's the voice of reason. She's always quick to make sure Katsu doesn't do anything too rash. Besides all of that, the female is an intelligent young woman, especially when it comes to her knowledge of Pokemon. It should be noted that Akari has no problem showing little respect for anyone that disrespects her family.


Mai Suzuku Girlfriend


Akari loves Mai. He'll do anything to see that bright smile of hers since she always makes her happy. Mai is one of the nicest females that she ever met in her entire life. Well, ignoring her mother. Akari dreams of the day of marrying her whenever they get older. She has no problem spending the rest of her life with the female.

Katsu Saito Older Brother


Akari loves Katsu. While he can be a bit annoying at times, she appreciates having the older male around. He's always finding new ways to keep her motivated and finds new things to think about when it comes to Pokemon. Honestly, she's amazed the male didn't decide to become a professor.

Gael Saito Older Brother


Akari loves Gael. He's always willing to talk to her about things that she should worry about in the future and rarely treats her like a child. It's something that Akari appreacites the older male for since she does have her moments where everyone treats her like a kid. She's so thankful that she gets to see him often with the move to Galar.

Mike the Empoleon Partner Pokemon/Starter


Mike might be a little grouchy, but Akari still loves him. She knows the penguin is a big ol' softie and just doesn't want to admit. With that aside, Mike has been there for Akari whenever she's down. Honesty, he's one of the reasons why she was able to push forward to become a researcher. His encouragement really helped.

Nevermore the Corviknight Partner Pokemon


Nevermore is one of the most useful Pokemon that Akari is so thankful that her brother gave her. While Nevermore is a goober, Akari appreciates having the bird around as she often knows how to make her smile and makes delivering important notes so much easier. She only wished that she stopped picking fights with Mike. It can be quite annoying.

Charlie the Boltund Partner Pokemon


Charlie is another useful Pokemon that Akari is thankful that her brother gave her. He's useful when it comes to helping out Nevermore and finding out things that she may not be able to pick up through her senses. Akari often dreamed about having a dog as they are one of her favorite kinds of Pokemon and she never got the chance to own one.

Eigis the Aegislash Partner Pokemon


While Mike does a good job at protecting Akari, Eigis is usually the one that Akari tends to take with her to areas that is normally too dangerous for a normal pesron to be in. Eigis is like a older sister to her. While she may not be able to understand the female, Akari does enjoy rambling to her about whatever is bothering her at the moment.

Estelle the Galar Rapidash Partner Pokemon


Estelle is the newest additional to the party and she's honestly a pain in the ass to deal with. Akari rarely has trouble getting a Pokemon to listen to her as she often patient and careful when dealing with them. Estelle is currently one of those Pokemon that is being quite stubborn when it comes to how she acts and her refusal to accept Akari as her owner.

Cooper the Alolan Vulpix Partner Pokemon


Akari rarely leaves Cooper out of her sights. As much as she loves the tiny fox, the Pokemon has the tendeency to stumble his way into danger. Needless to say, Akari isn't a fan of that in the slightest. Other than that, Akari will will do anything to spoil the Vulpix as she does see the male as a son to her. She has spent so long raising him.

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