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˗ˏˋ Profile ˎˊ˗
NAME Yuka delacour
ALIAS yuka
AGE 18
GENDER female (she/her)
HEIGHT content
ORIENT. ?????
RACE human
ROLE voice of reason

STATUS alive
DESIGNER @zenpie-san
WORTH my soul
  • plants
  • quiet
  • tea
  • confrontation
  • pollution
  • the cold
  • while she does not appear to have a channeling medium, in actuality she uses her gloves.
  • yuka specialises in plant-based magic and healing spells.
  • she's a very diligent student! but she's not a very social one.
˗ˏˋ History ˎˊ˗
ayameko and alder delacour

The Delacour family are a decently respected family. Yuka's father married a foreign woman, Ayameko and the two of them had Yuka a few years later. her grandparents were not happy with their son marrying a woman that was no pre-approved of and were even more disappointed when ayameko was pregnant with yuka. There was always an extra layer of pressure on Yuka and her parents to prove their right to remain a part of the family. However, Ayameko Delacour died around the time Yuka turned ten, which resulted in a slight rift between the young girl and her father, the former struggling with grief and the latter wanting to move on and not live too long in the past, knowing that is what his late wife would want.

Yuka's parents originally met at the Valiente Institute all those years ago, and attending it in her first year made her feel closer to her mother. It also made her father miss his daughter and his late wife dearly. The two were able to reconcile their relationship, and are much closer now than they were before.

family politics

Despite it's prestige, because of her mother, the Delacour family stopped sending its children to the Valiente Institute of Thaumaturgy. Yuka's younger cousin Dion, the family golden Child, was sent to a less prestigious magic school to prevent the same dishonor (and he's certainly not happy his cousin got to go to the better school). So while Yuka and her father are still considered a part of the family, and are invited to family gatherings, they both feel like they are on thin ice and Yuka constantly tries to prove herself as worthy, including following in the family trade of botanical and healing magic. 

the institute

Yuka is in her final year at the school now, her grades are good but she's a complete wall flower. Her low self-esteem has given her a lot of difficulty socialising with the other students in her grade, and she actually spends a lot more time with Allister Magic, who she already knew, trying to help him get through school. Plus, she enjoys his company. He doesn't think she's a loser. And after the investigation started, she realised she, like her family, sometimes lets her personal biases get in the way of potential future relationships, now having grown attached to Kyan Driscoll.

˗ˏˋ LINKS ˎˊ˗

Yuka and Allister have been friends for a while, because their families are well acquainted. Yuka tries really hard with him, he doens't know it but she doesn't actually have a lot of other school friends.

There is an initial distrust in Yuka for Kyan, due to... his family. But she does somewhat quickly learn to trust him once she sees just how much he's willing to sacrifice to stop perseus. she grows attached to him, too after some time.

Perseus Dupre

All she knew about Perseus originally was that he was a very notable magic user in Allister's year. But... now... She is afraid of this wildcard. She wishes they could just tell a teacher about him, but knows it's not that simple...

Yuka is fairly unaware of Jaydin's "crush" on her and is certainly not intrested in dating an underclassman. She is still nice to him, though, and he becomes much more notable to her following the perseus investigation.

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