Aurelio Claudius
Raging Bull
Pardo (mixed), Brazilian
Hair Color
Dark brown
Eye Color
191 cm / 6'3
October 16
Blood Type
New York City area
Lammergeier Syndicate group leader (Consigliere)
Image song
Voice claim
Oshi mark

Aurelio Claudius (Boss)

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Aurelio Claudius is a 39 year old syndicate group leader. He's 1 of 8 leaders in the Lammergeier Syndicate as their Consigliere, with his insignia ranking being three gold chains hanging over his left shoulder. He wears a fur collar jacket, houndstooth patterned suit jacket, and a black and white shirt/tie set with a gold tie bar. As with the rest of the syndicate, he wears black leather gloves. He also has a scar on the left side of his jaw. His syndicate alias is "Raging Bull".

Aurelio, most often called "Boss", generally doesn't have much to say. After all, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it all. This rule mainly applies to his apprentice and best friend, Valentine, who has a major obsession with him. He's more generous and patient than he should ever be with him, having a soft spot for Valentine in particular due to their past history. He has a cold, emotionless disposition and has a hard time displaying and expressing his feelings (like a very, very awkward looking smile). Most of it's kept internally. Despite being tall and stoic looking, he has more heart to give than he shows through words alone with a high empathy level considering his occupation. He's considered the "softest" of his syndicate because of his patience and understanding, but still has the ability to do as much harm as the others in his group if pushed. He's just not a fan of causing unnecessary conflict. He offers sagely wisdom to those who need it, albeit bluntly. Being Consigliere, he has good communication skills despite keeping what he says to short sentences. And even with his cold appearance and intense job, he's very accepting of others and their eccentricities. He ended up being a fatherly figure to a lot of them, though unintentionally.

He has a guilt complex for being the man to recruit Valentine to become a Hitman, and because of it he's much more lenient with him than anyone else in his syndicate. Though some things he won't budge on despite how much he insists, like a romantic date or sexual exploits. Valentine does his job well despite how he acts, so it gives him incentive to advocate for keeping him hired. Boss just wants to help him and not give up on him, saying he's misunderstood for who he really is by everyone around him. The two are close, enough so that Valentine is considered his personal bodyguard (since he's around him all the time anyways). Aurelio's role with him can best be described as a mentor, guiding him when he needs to be (whether Valentine wants to hear it or not). Aurelio spends a lot of time worrying over him and dwelling in the past. He deeply cares for him, whether he openly shows it or not. He knows Valentine is troubled and has seen and experienced it, and wants to be able to help him through it all.

Family-wise, Aurelio has a younger sister and a niece. He loves them dearly, but he unfortunately can't see them often due to his job. His sister is on good terms with him despite his line of work, while his niece is oblivious since she's young. He treats his niece as if she was his own daughter, doing anything and everything for her to see her happy. That includes letting her braid his hair, bringing back anything she asks for, and staying with her until she falls asleep after a nightmare. The rest of his family doesn't talk to him. Besides that, Camilo can almost be seen as family to him. Camilo helped him with adjusting to life in the US after leaving Brazil, and the two confide in each-other as "fellow South-Americans" (in Camilo's words). They've been friends for about 20 years at this point. Though he often... Irritates him with his pushes to "give Valentine a chance", he accepts him for who he is just like everyone else, weird quirks and loudmouth personality and all.

He's thought to have depression with everyone around him insisting that he does, but he doesn't actively try to seek diagnosis or treatment. He's a closed book and prefers to keep it that way, even if it'd help him. He spends most of his free time either by himself or with Valentine, and often isolates himself for peace and quiet or a nap. And when his stress gets on his nerves, he resorts to cigars and light drinking to take the pressure off of his mind. He doesn't open up, either. Only Valentine and Camilo can see those parts of him, but just a glimpse without the full extent of his thoughts and concerns. Though mysteriously, a large part of those gloomy feelings go away as soon as Valentine is with him...

Nurturing --- Guarded

Pragmatic --- Irritable

Warmhearted --- Gloomy


  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Coxinha
  • Vaca atolada
  • Liver
  • Coconut
  • Coffee, Espresso
  • Dogs
  • His hair being played with
  • Spare downtime to spend alone
  • Taking care of Valentine
  • Keeping things in order


  • Loudmouths
  • Pointless conflict, confrontation
  • Closemindedness
  • Revealing clothes (cold!)
  • Violent mafia movies
  • Cold weather
  • Derogatory remarks about his age
  • Guarana (they look creepy)


  • Losing his family
  • Allowing others to get too close to him
  • Valentine being put in harm's way
  • Showing vulnerability
  • Being told he has no personality or emotions...
  • Other things he'd rather take to the grave than tell someone.


  • Organizing things meticulously, then attempting to find more things to organize meticulously
  • Falling asleep at his desk
  • Working out, lifting weights
  • Card games (IE Blackjack, Solitaire)
  • Collecting cologne
  • Smoking cigars
  • Chess
  • Reading
  • Going wherever Valentine drags him off to


  • He speaks English and Portuguese.
  • He got his scar from a knife fight. Or so he says.
  • The tiny ponytail he keeps his hair in was styled by Valentine and kept ever since.
  • He has nipple piercings from one of his midlife crisis stunts. Is he insecure about his age? Maybe a lot more than he lets on.
  • He's a bit inept with technology.
  • He smokes cigars recreationally, avoiding smoking around his family. Same with alcohol. Maybe he also does it when he's lonely.
  • He dresses in multiple layers, because he gets cold easily. He also runs warmer than most.
  • Has a strong penchant for vanilla ice cream. He tends to mellow out while eating it.
  • Children seem to like him and are drawn to him despite the... Permanent resting bitch face. They can probably tell he's good with kids.
  • He's not emotionless like he appears to be, he's actually very emotional in his own way. It shows through in little instances... Like his eyes widening like a deer in headlights as soon as Valentine says something stupid.
  • Hates mafia movies for their glorification and violence, though he works for what's essentially a nicer phrase than "the mafia".
  • He also corrects people like clockwork when they refer to his syndicate as "the mafia", insisting that it's not the same thing.
  • Due to his training, he's super strong and can lift his own body-weight and then some. Same with Valentine.
  • He was raised Catholic along with his family, but he no longer aligns himself with the religion.
  • No one is sure of his sexual orientation since he never brings it up or shows signs of attraction. Is he obtainable? Only he knows.

Voice claim: Beau Billingslea

Image song: Dogs - Pink Floyd

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He was created on June 7th, 2020.

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