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Kazu'ran / Kazu'jin




Late 30s


Jungle Troll


Polyamorous Bisexual




Late May





















"Mm.. well, I do be a therapy cat, technically.. ehehe."

A mostly well-meaning warlock that simply has too much love in his heart. And fel corruption. While normally he's very conscious about self-preservation, this occasionally gets thrown out the window in favor of helping his friends or those he wishes to impress.

He is the head of his self-made tribe, the Startusk-- while he does insist the tribe lays along neutral lines in regards to the Horde or the Alliance, some of its members are leaning more red than blue. However, a little white lie here or there never hurt anyone, especially him, right?

DESIGN (to be updated)

  • Bones are markings, not paint. Visible if shaven.
  • Tusks are smaller than horns.
  • Ears are very big and very animated. Often pin/fold/twitch/etc.
  • Hair is usually always in braids.



While Kazu'ran was born to two very well-meaning jungle troll parents, he was mostly raised by his friends and the general population of Orgrimmar.. which, naturally, led the troll to become a warlock thanks to the wonders of peer pressure and the desire for peer acceptance. When he failed to acquire it, and was unable to return home in fear of disappointing his ma'da and fa'da, he resorted to living independently. He spent a long while doing tasks for whatever he could get for the sake of trying to embrace said independence, whether it be gold, food, housing, or particularly enticing clothing options.


Eventually, this resulted in him being roped along to join the Horde forces as they made their mark in Zandalar.. at which point he felt compelled to get more in touch with his roots-- specifically, the following and worship of loa, specifically Bwonsamdi. Some time later he found himself in front of the loa himself and, naturally, made the foolish error of making a deal with him; his eternal servitude in exchange for a life that was a bit more stable. Collecting souls for his loa, thankfully, was not at all an issue for him-- so he was more than happy to agree to the conditions in exchange for having a home in the temple. After saving up money and suffering several traumatic experiences in a short amount of time, he purchased a home out in Pandaria near Dawn's Blossom, living there for a time.


Through either divine intervention -- or perhaps simply merchant's luck -- Kazu eventually was blessed with enough funds to set up his tribe on an island between Zandalar and Pandaria. He now lives there with said tribemates, their numbers slowly rising as more and more of their friends decide to move in or simply join their ranks. However, Kazu has also since fallen in with some shady characters...



Bwonsamdi - His primary loa. He doesn't visit the temple as often anymore, but he does go to the Other Side to help now and then thanks to his newfound access to Ardenweald.

Maggie - A magpie Wild God that Kazu befriended and made offerings to for his druidism class. She has granted him a magpie form.


Finak'dor - The mother of his child and his Husbat. He briefly thought they had left him-- but it turned out to be a mistake on their part.

Quitti Variv - A smug little bastard of a mage, but he's Kazu's smug little bastard of a mage. His Dream.

Hierei - An old friend turned new love. Absolutely adores him, and everything that comes with him.

Ja'vyn - Went on a literal blind date with him once, and they've been close friends ever since. They almost didn't become mates.. until Kazu finally got the courage to ask.

Jitak - Admittedly, he doesn't know as much about the monk as he'd like to.. but he does love him dearly.


Za'kal, Va'ki, and Ra'tika - He knows these Zandalari through Fin. They do each other favors from time to time.

Lu'dan - His oldest friend. The only ice troll he trusts with his life.

Drimm - "Unofficially" one of his partners. Just thinks of him incredibly fondly.

Ly'vell Autumnspire - He's a little intimidated by how strongly Ly'vell flirts, but he thinks well of him.

Father Underlight - A very eccentric wizard that he was introduced to thanks to Ly'vell's incredibly strong sense of flirting. He has since joined his cult.

Adola - The Eyeless One. He was initially a little spooked by her, but has since started to think of her as a little sister.

"Fishbone" - Adola's girlfriend. He's often worried for her, but enjoys her company.

Tibs Gloamblade - Extremely wary of her when she becomes upset, though he considers her a friend.

Imon Starboard - Thinks of her as some sort of sibling. Enjoyed hunting with her.

Quina'taz - His apprentice. Brought him into the tribe, so now he no longer has to be a 'fon.

Farabu - Not gonna lie-- he's a little spooked by the troll-disguised void denizen. But he loves his cooking, and loves his company. And.. maybe the shenanigans, too. He misses him.

Colin Grauenvoll - He thinks Colin's funny, and enjoys talking to him on the rare chance they see each other.

Torhas - Absolutely thinks of him as a father figure. Loves his baking.

Aren - The motherfucking Battle Beetle himself. They're basically brothers.

Severin Dolle - Definitely didn't like him when they first met, but now he thinks of him as one of his best friends. He misses him.

Lady Samara Tidesong - Thinks of her as a little sister. Would take a bullet for her.

Jarisold Acridwell - Used to be a little iffy on him, but he's grown fond of the old man and his imp. Thinks of him as a colleague.

Almondine Bisette - A fellow warlock. He respects her immensely.. and also likes wearing the clothes she designs. Comfy.

Irielle Firine - His favorite bartender. He misses her.

Faygia Taggin - Pleasant to talk to. A little worried for her.

Intamin Diveroll - He thinks very fondly of him and also thinks he's Very Fucking Cool in his performances.

Archibald Froida - ARCHIIIIIIE. His favorite vampyr.

Fiona Tarwood - Usually only sees her at events. Respects her greatly.

Raz'na - Very kind and sweet bear-troll. An honorary member of the tribe.

Kyr'fon - Would sell him to Bwonsamdi for one corn chip.

Baxter - Loves this pink fuzzy man so much.

Arkara Redsnarl - They got off on the wrong foot at the start, but now he sees the Blackrock orc as a dear friend and always looks forward to seeing her and her daughter at Story Circle.

Bekrash Blazefist - Friends, though Kazu can't remember how they met. He would sooner die than never get to try Bekrash's cooking again.


Demetri Eel - He does not approve of anything the other warlock has done in his past, but he's fine with chatting with him.

Crumb Blackmouth - One of the few gnolls he knows. A little wary of his other self.

Celaryn Shadehelm - He might be a little scared of her, but he does respect her.

Raridon - He likes the little acrobat, but he knows very little about him.

Lorianthe - Also knows very little about them. But he thinks they're alright.

Pekua - Spooky. But nice? Usually?

Ms. Loira Winford - He knows her, but he doesn't know her. Still a little spooked. He misses her.

Khonsi Wolfseer - Even if he saw him every week for a year, he's not entirely sure if him and Khonsi are really friends or not. Never actually gets to talk to him outside of Story Circle.

Grum'thak - He doesn't know him as well as he knows Arkara, but he's got no problems with him.

Lokirtal - Ice trolls are hard for him to trust. But he thinks this one is okay.

Tevruden Dawnspear - What the fuck, that's a dragon. He doesn't see him all that often, but that's all he really remembers about him.


Eyrienne Autumnwood - She made fun of him and laughed at him, which is grounds for disliking, in his opinion.

Charles Marcus - The worgen made a heavy bomb threat within the Lamb and, due to many combined factors, caused one of Kazu's deaths. If it were not for the vice-grip of the laws of Stormwind, he would skin the man alive and use his blood for potions.


Startusk Tribe - His tribe. Initially a little joke, but.. now it's a real thing. Made up of his mates and those they trust. He runs an apothecary with the tribe's name on it.

Brighton Rock - The medical organization that he works for, run by the Votary. He's happy to help.

Cult of the Circle / 'Blood Cult' - A perfectly normal group of people and totally not a cult of self-empowerment or anything.

Darkmoon's Finest - SO COOL. He rarely gets to see their shows, but he hears so much about them.

The Wolfmane Tribe - Hosts Story Circle. He doesn't know much past that, admittedly, but they all seem like nice folks.

Fence Macabre - Very cool. Likes seeing them at vendor events.

The Far-Afar Bazaar - Mysterious, and a little scary. He wants to support Farabu, but..



  • his friends
  • herbalism
  • alchemy
  • imps


  • being perceived as weak
  • humor at his expense
  • horses
  • feeling like he can't help


  • The bone-like shapes in his fur are actual markings, not paint. A gift from Bwonsamdi.
  • Can turn into a spectral tabby, spectral wolfhawk, or a magpie at will.
  • He can understand most any language and speak it fairly well, but only if he has his enchanted ring on.
  • His imps unionized against him for the sake of getting bacon for breakfast.
  • His shop has a secret menu, but he only shares it with close friends.
  • Once a day, he can turn incorporeal; he can go through walls, jump from shadow to shadow, and float in the air.


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