Basic Info


Gauge, Lonnie Quraishi (human name)






Human hosting a mindless demon; half-human half-demon in theory, claims they're a full demon


173 cm


Pansexual panromantic










Gauge's stats It's not enough, nothing in this life will ever be! Isn't it sad to live like that? ❤ 

A shy kid who had very, very bad luck and ended up snapping, being possessed by a demon, hunted down by the police, had unrequited feelings, and still hadn't found love. A dangerous and fashionable problem.


They're 173 cm tall, have light olive skin and light mint hair, which mostly is at neck-lenght, but they have two sections of their hair that they part in different hairstyles, usually being half a ponytail or twintails. Their eyes are black with bright green pupils.

Their hands are usually painted with a different color each nail, and their clothes vary sometimes, except for a black bow they always wear on their neck, which often is covered in deep scratches.

When they turn into their "demon" form, their teeth become sharp, their hands become red claws and they grow out a tail with a sharp red end (which they decorated with a red bow)


They're very dissonant, have no care for lying or morals, and like to emotionally manipulate people, very often saying things that have no logic, not even for their broken morals. Mostly, they don't care about anyone, but at the same time they're very driven with their emotions and can get easily attached to people. They often wear their heart on their sleeve, noticing they're doing it when it's too late, though they most assuredly will act upon their desires. An example is that they like to compliment people even if they don't like them as a whole, which might sound weird, but it's sincere.

They're a very vengeful person, and once you've made them mad, they'll probably hunt you down and kill you personally. But their reasons to get mad about are very radical and exaggerated, so they're generally dangerous.

They are brawl over brain and will be violent before asking questions or making friends. They will establish friendships with people who they can fight with and not resulting in any sort of murder. They know how to acknowledge a defeat and that others might be more skilled than them, but they will always be excited to have a rematch every once in a while, even if they lose.

Even if they don't mind lying (which they usually do), their attitude is sincere once they get to know people personally. Nonetheless, they've accepted themself as a demon and not a human, and tries to disregard any kind of human feelings as well as they can.

They're also very self aware for comedic purposes mostly, they can pick up their and other people's tropes and mock them. Even they know the things they do look ridiculous from an outsider but that doesn't stop them and they even prefer to see them that way.


Demons can possess humans if they're in a very weak emotional or physical state. However, humans are still generally protected, and no magical being is recommended on killing a half-human, because they could be cursed. Humans can still be killed by humans, but a demon-possessed human... Is much stronger and has much better reflexes.

Depending on the demon's host, they'll either burn out from all the energy used, or evolve towards a more powerful monster.

The demon that infected Gauge is a mindless one, a demon that holds absolutely no conscience but keeps having violent urges upon Gauge. Most of the time, Gauge has control over their actions and they have superhuman strength and speed. They also have heightened regeneration (can regenerate serious wounds in a couple of days with no medical aid) and general heightened perception.

The red tail holds a powerful venom in it, which Gauge can use to sting people with. They don't think it's fun to do it, but they use it as a last resort. It can murder humans and lesser magic beings in seconds.

The demon has survival instincts, so they will make Gauge try to survive in any situation possible, hence the improved speed and strength. Gauge seems to be compatible with the demon, so they get more powerful and possibly monstruous everyday.


Before being turned into a demon, they were a shy kid. They weren't confident enough to wear the kind of clothes they wanted, thus they wore loose sweaters- their favorite accessory was a little bow pin they always put on their clothes. Also, they had bad eyesight, so they wore glasses.

They lived with a small family, and nothing much happened, even though they never really outed themself to them (they were grateful, however, that their name was very gender neutral). 

During highschool, they admired and idolized lots of people, and one of them was Lucca, a young and very talented actor. He was one grade higher than them, and Gauge never actually talked to him, they just admired him from a distance. One day, they went to a highschool play where Lucca was acting in. The play went along nicely, except that apparently Lucca had hung himself and... Died... ?

It was in front of the audience, how the kid executed himself. It was shocking.

Not too long after that, Gauge's family died in an accident, leaving them alone. Well- not really alone, they were put in charge of an awful relative. Ironically, that awful relative died a year later, and in their funeral, Gauge finally snapped.

They screamed and laughed about their dead family, that they were glad they were finally dead, and then they stormed off.

Inspired by Lucca, they got to the top of a building, and planned to hang themself from it- by jumping to the floor. As they were about to jump, something hit them. Something hot, red, and when they realized it, they were safe and sound, on a solid surface.

They were possessed by a demon, and that demon wanted to do bad things. So they obliged, as they were manipulated by evil impulses.

After a while, they were arrested by the 'ghost police', and unfortunately they concluded that Gauge wasn't able to be there, as they were half-human. They did study them, and the conclusion was that they had enough of a strong mental power to control the demon that was inside them.

It turns out the demon didn't have a conscience, and Gauge's conscience would be awake all the time. It was only a matter of them to be determined enough to regain their identity. They were set free, only with some conditions on not hurting people that they didn't listen to at all. They decided to live their life, disregarding all the horrible shit that happened to them.

They chose an abandoned place to live in, and from that on, started to steal stuff to survive. They were free to kill any human they wanted, so in their own personal justice, they started killing humans- and even magical beings sometimes.

A year later, they were caught by the ghost police again, but not to retain them. They found the reason why they were possessed by a demon.

Penta, a very irresponsible ghost, was supposed to watch over that demon. After talking a bit, both of them were released and Gauge was supposed to be Penta's responsibility. However, Penta quickly told them they could do whatever they wanted and in an unexpected turn of events, Gauge and Penta started talking and eventually became friends.

For a period of time, both of them started hunting monsters and they got close enough that they slept together. Both decided that it wasn't a big deal and there wasn't any romance behind it, but Gauge realized they had a crush on Penta, and Penta also realized that, so she disappeared.

This made Gauge very angry, and they went back to the whole stealing and killing lifestyle to this day.

They did meet Penta again, and the moment they saw her, they immediately punched her. Penta fought back, too, and they beat the shit out of each other for a while. They made up, afterwards, and are currently good friends. They're not as close as before, though.

After that, their developments depend on a bad end or a good end with regards to the main storyline. If there's a bad end, they'll meet Leppo- and make his life miserable. If there's a good end, they'll eventually end up working at the Main Element bookshop. 


  • Gauge is pronounced like Go-ush.
  • Whenever they don't want to act upon the demon's violent urges, their neck itches in a mortifying way, which they mercilessly scratch.
  • They like their human name because it's unisex, but they prefer to go by Gauge. They don't mind if they're called Lonnie, it's just weird for them by now.
  • They live in a literal cave in a literal mountain past a literal forest.
  • They're of Native South American + Arabic ascendency, but their nationality is unclear. They don't really preach their ethnic roots, but they can appreciate the aesthetic of them.
  • The animal that represents them is a lizard.
  • They're a piece of shit who kills over wrong pronouns (and any other reason, really). The safest call is they/them, but honestly it's best if you ask them first, asking them gets on their good side (at least a bit).
  • They generally wander around cities and such, talking to people casually. They spare a person's life if they comment about Gauge's appearance in a positive way.
  • They have the possibility to be anywhere on both the real and laer world thanks to Penta, who agrees to warp them wherever they want. It's not immediate, but it works.
  • Their speech can get as dissonant as their personality; sometimes they'll talk in a whimsical way (repeating my, my; calling people like 'you human'; repeating words; sounding enamored with everyone they talk to, flirty, etc) and quickly switch to a more modern and vulgar way (calling people bro, man, dude; swearing a lot)
  • Thinks almost everyone is cute. Has very low standards.
  • Is much more attracted to looks rather than to personality.