Gauge's Comments

Ooh, Gauge has new art! Super cute!

I absolutely love seeing Gauge on the "react to the character above them" forum! I would reply to you more often if nobody already has, but I feel like I've done it so much already, haha.

awww ;m; thank youu this makes me so happy! i don't mind if you reply to me often, but i understand the feeling- i spend a lot of time in the character development forum as you might notice haha

I always have that thread open, haha, so I feel like I almost post a bit too much and people are just like "Oh her again" (also random side note when i first saw your username i misread it as reinapanda)

I found this character through a thread on the forums and I'm really glad I did!! I love characters who have so much thought put into them. While there are many characters out there who are possessed by demons, I really like how they stand out because you explained the mechanics of their demon and why it is a part of them. Great work! :Db

ohh thank you so much ;m;!! this is so nice to read!! gauge's earlier days were a bit difficult for me because i didn't feel like they were anything special but they grew on me as time passed and it's nice to explore their personality and situation! especially since the demon possession isn't fun at all but they have no choice anymore haha