Flynn Barker



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  • Flynn Barker

  • Age 18
  • Height 6'1"

"Careful! You don't want to hurt yourself."


Part-time pizza delivery boy, full-time flailing mother hen.

Hardworking, polite, and responsible for his age, Flynn is - without a doubt - the boy most grandparents and adults tend to adore. He's got a good head on his shoulders and a strong sense of dedication, both of which are quite evident in the way he treats people. Flynn might not be the most outgoing person in the room, but he's friendly, mindful of his actions, and always tries to be kind and considerate to those around him. This quiet concern combined with how hard he tries to be "the best version of himself he can be" has given Flynn a sort of natural charm, and while he often denies it, he's actually quite good at working with most people. He could be a good leader if he had just a tad more confidence in himself. From the outside looking in, Flynn is a mature young man who has his life pretty much figured out.

However, if one gets to know Flynn well enough, they'll realize he's prone to bouts of worrying. He's the big brother in his friend group, often smothering the people he cares about in - unwanted - concern. He can also be quite petty when someone rubs him the wrong way, and can hold grudges for the longest of times. Either way, Flynn is quite aware of his own shortcomings and often tries to take the high road when he can. It doesn't work all the time. Then again, at the end of the day, he's a teenage boy dealing with the end of his senior year and (much to his dismay) the upcoming end of the world.

The Night of the Summer Festival

Several weeks before the night of the annual Summer Festival, one of Oakwoods' residents - a retired librarian by the name of Mr. Brown - vanished into thin air. The local police thought it had been an abduction or a possible homicide, but Mr. Brown turned up a week later by the outskirt's of Oakwoods' forest. The man was physically unharmed, but something strange had happened to him. He was lethargic and unresponsive to everything around him. The same strange occurrence began to repeat itself with people vanishing only to return days or weeks later as zombie-like husks. 

On the night of the summer festival, after leaving work, Flynn's car keys ended up being stolen by a pair of mischievous squirrels. He followed them into the woods, only to trip and end up rolling downhill. Flynn was knocked unconscious in the process, but when he finally woke up, he found himself in the Kingdom of Sol. 

Sol was the stuff of fairy tales - a medieval kingdom on the brink of ruin. 

Flynn eventually learns about the ripples in reality that have been caused by The World Eater's escape. He also learns about the mysterious portal in Oakwoods' forest and gets caught up in a harrowing quest to save not just Sol, but Oakwoods and the rest of the human realm as well. 

The Kingdom of Sol

A kingdom on the brink of ruin. Sol exists in another realm entirely, but the barrier between worlds has grown weak and a rift has opened up deep in the forests of Oakwoods. 

After the artifact was shattered, and after The World Eater escaped its prison, the barrier between worlds grew weak and The World Eater hid the broken shards of the artifact throughout both Sol and Oakwoods. If the Shards aren't recovered and if The World Eater is not returned to its prison, both Sol and the human realm will be destroyed. 

When Flynn first tumbles into Sol, the country is caught in a war with Alencia and the good and well-loved King Reginald has just perished. The kindhearted but painfully naive Prince Tobias has taken the reins, but it's quite clear that everything has been plunged into a state of chaos. 

Flynn also learns that the squirrels lured him into the woods and into Sol on purpose. Back in the day, during times of peril, the king and the archmage would summon a group of humans from different walks of life and dub them The Defenders of Sol. However, more than a hundred years have passed since The Defenders sealed The World Eater away. Flynn was summoned entirely by mistake.

Despite it all, he and his friends get caught up in a frightening quest to save all of Oakwoods and themselves. They are given a deadline of one year before the barrier is destroyed and both Sol and the human realm are overrun by reapers and parasites. 

When Flynn accepts his role as one of The Defenders, he's given the gift of Stoneflesh - a power that graces him with improved strength and durability. Stoneflesh also allows him to convert parts of his body into stone for  both offensive and defensive purposes. Once he masters that ability, it will allow him to transform into a Stone Golem. 

Oakwoods and Backstory

  • A small, idyllic city somewhere in the USA. It is a 30 minute drive away from the much more bustling city of Grenfall, and a two hour drive away from the Tuna Capital, Goldshore. In Oakwoods, pretty much everyone knows everyone.

  • Flynn was born and raised in Oakwoods, and lived with his mother, father, and his younger sister Anna. However when he was nine-years-old, his dad cheated on his mom with a co-worker of his and was promptly kicked out of their home. A divorce followed shortly after the incident, and ever since then, it's just been Flynn, Anna, and their mom in their house.

  • Flynn works part-time as delivery boy at Ottermore's Pizza. OT's - as it's been fondly called over the years - has been a part of Oakwoods for as long as anyone can remember.

  • He went to Littlewood Elementary school which was where he met Aislyn and Friday.


  • Disney movies. Flynn is the ultimate Disney fanboy and pretty much memorizes all the songs. He always makes sure to watch the latest movies

  • Ottermore's Carnivore Pizza. It's the best thing ever and no one can convince him otherwise

  • Board game nights with his sister Anna. It's one of the few things that gets Flynn super competitive. Unfortunately, four out of five times, he's losing

  • His Goldfish Mr. Sprinkles. People think his choice of pet is quite boring, but Flynn has a soft spot for his pet fish, and often talks to him to wind down from a long day of adventuring in Sol

  • Spy movies. James Bond. 
  • His dad. After his parents divorced, Flynn stopped talking to his dad. Now the guy is trying to work his way back into their lives and Flynn doesn't like it one bit. If anyone can bring out the pettiness and childishness in him, it's Nate.

  • Sports. Especially running. He hates it when Friday and Aislyn drag him along on their 6am runs

  • Vegetables. If there's one thing he and his dad have in common, it's their dislike for veggies.

  • His sister's journalism club. He knows it's not actually a "journalism" club but some sort of paranormal fun club. He thinks it's kind of sketchy and worries 24/7 that Anna might get herself into trouble

  • Spiders. He's absolutely terrified of them.











Annalise Barker

[ little sister ] Flynn is constantly fretting over her. He's protective to a fault, and while many people find it endearing, Anna thinks he can be a bit much at times. Flynn's mother hen instincts aside, the two siblings have a good relationship and they genuinely enjoy spending time with his each other. One of the reasons the siblings are so close is that Flynn practically babysat Anna 24/7 when their dad left them and their mom had to work overtime to make ends meet. They ended up having to rely on each other and have become one another's confidantes. Flynn usually tells Anna everything, and she usually does the same. One thing they can't agree on, however, is their dad. Anna wants to forgive him and welcome him back into their lives while Flynn, frankly, still hates Nate's guts.


Bree Watts

[ childhood friend, eventual love interest ] Next-door-neighbors and friends since they were in diapers - Bree is one of the people Flynn trusts the most in his life. She's mature, reliable, sweet, and everything is just natural with her. He doesn't have to fret over Bree as much as he does over Aislyn and Friday, and that lack of a big-brother-younger-sibling dynamic between them is quite refreshing to him. 

Their friendship turns into a childhood romance sometime in middle school, and Flynn and Bree end up dating for a month. However, the two mutually decided they were better off as friends and put an end to their relationship. It didn't change anything, and Bree remained a constant shoulder to lean on for Flynn.

Throughout the Sol arc, the two remain close friends though Bree develops feelings once more and ends up holding on to a one-sided crush. Flynn ends up catching feelings sometime after the events of Sol, but the two don't start officially dating until several years later, towards the end of their senior year in college.


Friday Goodman

[ childhood friend, best friend ] The friend he frets over the most. Friday, in Flynn's eyes, is the little brother of their friend group. Rambunctious, loud, and practically bursting at the seams with energy, Flynn can't stop himself from worrying. It doesn't help that Friday is so nonchalant about his future. Flynn has taken it upon himself to ensure the sunshine boy's safety. Similar to Bree, Friday is a childhood friend. Flynn met both him and Aislyn in the 2nd grade when the redheaded duo saved him from a bully. The three of them have been inseparable ever since. 

Flynn thinks Friday can be a bit much at times, but the spirited boy keeps him positive on his toes, and Flynn wouldn't have it any other way.


Aislyn Kaye

[ childhood friend, best friend ] Second to Friday in terms of how much Flynn worries about her. Flynn's treatment of Aislyn is a cross between how he treats both Friday and Anna. She's in the little-sister-zone but, unlike Friday, has managed to claw her way up into the confidante department. Flynn can talk to her about the things that trouble him, and while Aislyn can be a reckless spitfire like Friday, he knows that when push comes to shove she's actually got quite a good head on her shoulders and is smarter than most people give her credit for. 

Flynn is the water to Aislyn's fire. He grounds her and keeps her level-headed, and she pushes him to step out of his comfort zone, take risks, and take off his big brother cap every once in awhile. She's also quite good at convincing him to let things slide.


Morrigan Elliot

[ frenemy ] His little sister's annoying friend - at least, at first. Mori is brash and loud and entirely unapologetic about it. Flynn was a little wary when he was assigned as her mentor (for the school's mentor ship program), and he was even more miffed when Mori did everything under her power to piss him off, but they eventually went from disliking one another to being actual honest-to-goodness friends. It's an unlikely friendship, and Flynn still doesn't approve of most of Mori's decisions in life but they've reached a point where they mutually respect each other. Getting caught up in the end of the world together does a lot to change a person's point of view.


Daniel Chen

[ friend ] One of Flynn's most responsible and levelheaded friends. Dan is the President of the Science Club, the Vice-President of the Track and Field Team, a part-time tutor and one of the top students in their 4th year class. Needless to say, Flynn is astounded by how much the guy manages to juggle and has a quiet sort of respect for Dan. Academics aside, the two are video game buddies and sometimes meet up on the weekends for LAN parties or dungeon raids.

Dan is one of the few people who doesn't become a Defender of Sol, and Flynn appreciates the stability and normalcy Dan provides during their hangouts together.


Frederick Meyers

[ acquaintance ] More Anna and Friday's friend than his, Flynn doesn't know too much about Freddy, aside from the fact that the boy lives in a mansion in some fancy subdivision in Oakwoods. He also knows that Freddy is the president of the "journalism" club Anna is in, and as a result, ends up kind of wary of him at first.

The two eventually form a friendship when Freddy gets pulled into the craziness of Sol alongside both Anna and Mori.


Pluto (The World Eater)

[ pet, eventual big bad ] A cheeky black cat Anna picked up off the streets and took home one day. Flynn was never fond of Pluto, and the black cat returned the boy's feelings of disdain. 

Anna adores Pluto though, and because Flynn wants her to be happy, he tolerates the cat's presence. At least until they realize something is very, very wrong.


Prince Tobias

[ Prince of Sol ] The confused but well-meaning Prince of Sol. At 21, Tobias is just a few years older than the defenders, but he's pretty much carrying the collective weight of his kingdom on his shoulders. Flynn doesn't really know what to think of the disarmingly kind Prince, but if he's being honest, he resents Tobias in more ways than one. After all, the Prince is kind of the reason he and his friends ended up becoming defenders. With the threat of the upcoming end of the world, Flynn can't exactly refuse the Prince's requests. It's for the greater good, but he also feels as if he's been forced into a role he doesn't want to have. The resentment lingers for quite awhile, and it's not until after his near brush with death, that Flynn begins to understand the Prince's point of view.

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