Pronounced | DAY-us noh-SUR Age | C'mon, not THAT old!
Gender | Cis Male Pronouns | he/him
Birthday | January 27th Zodiac | Aquarius
Species | Human...? Orientation | Panromantic/Pansexual

"Right on time. Now, what do you want to know?"

An informant who lives smack-dab in the middle of the Crossroads: a mishmash of worlds and timelines that's as chaotic as it sounds. Deius manages to stand out despite this, thanks to his unique trait of knowing everything. Absolutely everything. All of the past, everything happening now, and precisely what the future will look like. He knows your thoughts, memories, favorite color, and worst fear. He knows how to cook any food, knows how to fix any car, knows how to bend time and space with nothing more than a spoon and a fur coat. Absolutely nothing is unknown to him, not even his own ultimate fate.

Needless to say, the various warring factions in the Crossroads have one thing in common, and it's their need of his services. The one thing they've ever agreed on is not to bring harm to Deius, as the information he'll dispense for a little coin is utterly indispensible. Deius has no fear of betrayal, abduction, death, or just about anything - he's more than happy to kick back in his office, content in the knowledge that he knows exactly what each new second will bring. Follow the script's flow and you'll know true peace: that's the mantra he lives by.


Cool. Confident. Composed. Deius is always in control when he isn't, and it's rare to see a frown on his face. He's easygoing and takes even the most unusual things in stride, feeling at peace due to his omniscience. While such an ability might drive one to madness, make them dread the future, or give them a crisis about the nature of their own will, Deius seems to have a healthy relationship with it. He might know exactly everything he'll ever say or do, but makes no efforts to "break the script," as he calls it, as he claims the script can't be broken.

The script is just that: a script, already written. He says it's a bit of a misnomer to call it a script, since that implies the act of reading or acting it could result in it being read back differently, but that's just what the script has him call it! The way he sees it, it's less that he's reading it before he goes onstage and that he's simply a character who knows there's a script in the first place. It doesn't occur to him to try and change "fate", because he doesn't view it as fate: it's not in his character to not follow the script, and he feels the script is less something he's reading before the show but rather something he's reading afterward. He sees his own future and just thinks, "yeah, that's exactly what I'm going to do". He sees Entirety's future and simply goes "yup, that's exactly what would happen, huh?"

Despite the overwhelming nature of his ability, he comes across as a rather ordinary, if not a bit cocky. Unlimited knowledge doesn't keep him from enjoying hobbies, pursuing new interests, having small talk, and hanging out with people as though he knows nothing at all. Aside from business and some casual mentions of the script here and there, for the most part it just doesn't come up. Even when it comes down to business he'll still do things like ask questions, as if he doesn't know everything there is to know.


Edibles Coffee, spaghetti, dark chocolate, lo mein, shrimp, steak tartare topped with the yolk of a void egg, sausage, breakfast in general, gumbo, blackberry cobbler, donut holes (especially glazed chocolate ones or ones filled with jam. ideally both at once), cheeseburgers but specifically in the middle of the night.
Weather Partly cloudy (cumulus clouds preferred), 75 degrees Fahrenheit, dewpoint of 54, wind from the west-northwest at 13 MPH. That's the stuff.
Activities Spinning in his chair, steepling his fingers, talking, long walks at night, eavesdropping, just sitting somewhere to watch cars pass by, skywatching, spending time with his daughter, attending parties, driving.
Colors Black and red. But also lime green, surprisingly.
Misc. Diners, charts, graphs, office chairs, potted plants, rock and roll, simple patterns, nice suits, watches, fancy ties, anything Aubergine makes for him, dogs, elevators, zoos, baseball, pianos, sunglasses.


Edibles Ketchup, tea, plain potato chips, escargot, white wine, rotini, eggplants, apples without the skin, lunch meat, cheap coffee.
Weather Rain, but only if he doesn't have an umbrella.
Activities Moving furniture, maintaining watches, oil changes, shopping, getting kidnapped when he was in the middle of something more interesting, falling out of chairs, getting stuck in traffic.
Colors Taupe. What's the appeal? It may be the only thing beyond him.
Misc. Pop-country, when no one appreciates his dad jokes, lotion, threats to his family's happiness, cheapskates, uninteresting lighting, gnats, chalkboards, flimsy paper plates.



Physical Characteristics

Deius stands at 5'10" and doesn't have much in the way of notable physical attributes. He's fairly average, not much in the way of muscle but still has a maintained build. Maintained is a key word with him: he spends more than a minute on physical grooming, so everything about him is right on point. Bright teeth, neat nails, clean hair, eyebrows right where they should be, not a speck of body hair where he doesn't want it. Still, in some naked void he wouldn't really stand out in a crowd...

...Aside from his eyes, that is. He always wears sunglasses, and while it's mostly for fashion it helps shield Entirety from his eyes. Few have seen them and fewer have dared to speak of them afterward, but they supposedly display something ever-shifting, impossible to focus on and yet impossible to look away from, as though all of the secrets of existence are forced into your own eyes and your brain and comprehend none of it.


Deius is a sharp dresser, seldom seen outside of suits and luxury goods. He likes expensive shades and pricey watches, maybe even a nice jacket here and there. All that informant money's gotta go some place, after all. He favors black and dark reds and likes simple patterns, particularly pinstripe, houndstooth, and checkered patterns in the right places.

Body Language

Deius is a fairly expressive person despite his level-headed nature, enjoying making a show of himself. His hands and arms are common features, hands often steepled or arms often reclined behind something. He seems to almost make a conscious effort to look relaxed and casual, as if to disarm people who know who he really is, and he succeeds at it in spades.


Nice cologne, and a little like leather.


Nothing too unusual, not too deep but not very high. He has a casual manner of speech, but not overly so - one might call his vocabulary more of a "business casual". He talks like a work buddy, cool and likeable but still just professional enough to not get fired. He doesn't swear terribly often - just when the script calls for it - preferring terms more along the lines of "yikes" or "oof".


Deius' past is a mystery to probably everyone but himself. No one in the Crossroads can remember a time when he wasn't there, hanging around in his neat little office smack dab in the middle of an interdimensional dumping grounds. He's mentioned having a sister who has her own family, so presumably he had some life before the Crossroads and isn't something that was just spawned out of the Crossroads itself, although it's possible that maybe that actually is the case and his sister just moved away afterward.

Whatever the case, Deius was a fixture right from the start, utilized by just about everyone who wanted to lay claim to the Crossroads. His importance has wavered over the eons, but he's never been a nobody. Likewise his own lifestyle has changed around over time, yet he's never strayed far from being someone easily identified as Deius Noceur.

In the past couple decades, he's caught up to his sister a bit. Namely, he fell in love with a woman named Mazarine Perice, and the two of them enjoyed a whirlwind romance for some time before getting married and having a daughter they named Aubergine. Their chemistry was off the charts, their family was happy, and all was well. They decided to buy a house together... and so came the end. Deius and Mazarine were almost immediately torn apart... over what color to paint the living room.

Deius is not a picky man. He has his favorites, sure, but the color of some walls would normally not be a breaking point to him. However, Mazarine was insistent on painting the room taupe. TAUPE! Deius refused, unable to cope with the concept of willingly living in a taupe room. Their differences proven irreconcilable, Mazarine and Deius immediately filed for divorce. They're still friends, and sometimes even seem like they're still married, and they'll even go on family outings sometimes, but what's done is done. She likes taupe, he doesn't... it could never work.

The days, as always, are eventful, especially now that he takes care of Aubergine every other week. Business is booming, and that "the Immortal Guillotine, Aphelion" fellow finally went and revived again, threatening to kill all of the Heads. They hang out sometimes, especially since Aphelion delivers decent pizza, and especially because Aphelion needs his services. Not as much as one would think, though, but that's of no surprise to Deius. After all, Deius told him the truth right away: he was going to win. All that's left for Aphelion now is to figure out the hows and whens...

RP History

Someday his thread will get rolling. Someday...



"Now, I'll be honest, you could take me... but you'd regret it."

Deius has no particular abilities of note beyond his omniscience, although that's obviously kind of a notable thing. Indeed, Deius knows absolutely anything and everything, and everything he knows is 100% accurate and unchanging. So, in theory he technically knows martial arts and magical incantations and all that jazz, but he never seems to utilize any of that. If you didn't know him, it'd be easy enough to mistake him for an ordinary human being.

Some people doubt his abilities. He's known to lie from time to time, purely because the script calls for it, but it's led some to believe he's a fraud who - while certainly smart and informed - just bullshits everyone and claims he was just lying for ulterior purposes whenever he ends up being wrong. Deius lets people believe what they want to believe, though, since life's just more fun that way.


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Element Neutral
Species Humanoid, Unknown
Positioning Skill Pull: Pulls unit back one space in the direction they are grabbed from.
Passive Ability Universal Meal Ticket: If unit's HP is below 100%, grants +20% ATK/MAG/ACC/SPD/TEC/LUCK to allies within two spaces.
Personal Weakness If unit initiates combat, unit's LUCK is reduced to 0.
Friendship Bonus +5% TEC






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Aubergine Noceur

[ daughter ]

"Best kid around, easy. Feels like I was waiting my whole life for this part of the script. Can't wait to see what she does in life. I mean, I already know, but living it? That's a whole 'nother thing."


Mazarine Perice

[ ex-wife ]

"Ah, Maz. The perfect woman. Never gonna meet another one like her. Shame about the taupe thing, though."


Lonia Arral

[ assistant ]

"Lonia's something else. In a good way, though. Haven't had a problem with her yet, and really I never will. Perfect fit for the job, gotta give myself a pat on the back for that."



[ friend? ]

"Y'know, if everyone knew what I did, they wouldn't freak out at the thought of meeting Entelecheia so much. Then again, if everyone knew what I did I guess we'd be reading a whole different script, huh?"



[ customer ]

"Been a minute since the last time we met, so it's good to see him again. Shame because we got a couple good Heads right now, but that's life. Also: five-star delivery every time, the man'll move heaven and earth to get there under half an hour."


Langelotte Haemondias

[ customer ]

"The Blood King might be my favorite of the bunch. Great conversationalist, always asks for interesting info, easy on the eyes. It's really too bad Aphelion's gonna kill him."


Ametrine Galena

[ sister ]

"Can't put a number on the last time we spoke, but I obviously know what she's been up to. Being bitter, mostly. Easy for me to say, but I've always found it funny that she's so mad about losing so much power when she's still probably got an edge over me."


Chiro Shiroiro

[ nibling ]

"Wacky kid. A real treat. Calls me Uncle Spaghetti for some reason. I guess there are worse nicknames to have. Anyway, I wonder what it must like to be in their head. Even I can't really comprehend it, and that's saying something."


Doctor Chainsaw

[ ex-brother-in-law ]

"What a character. I'm honestly not sure how he and Ametrine wound up together in the first place. Must've been some alternate Entirety nonsense. Still, he's a riot at family gatherings. Just in general, really. Chainsawing people back to health, what a concept."


Date Created No later than June 15th, 2015.
Soul Color You know how oil makes a puddle all rainbowy? Something like that.
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Present In

  • Crossroad Fantasia - Main

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  • The name "Deius" comes from "deus", in reference to the term deus ex machina. "Noceur" is a French term for someone who stays out late to party, but honestly until I Googled to double-check I thought I made it up myself just based on the word "nocturnal". It was probably intentional, but if not it's a pretty apt coincidence.
  • When he has cereal and milk, he just pours it all into a glass and drinks it.
  • He likes to anonymously write up theories about popular media that are actually outright spoilers.


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OOC Name 2eius
Status Alive
Primary Changes He works for 2gnis, as most do.

Deius' life isn't much different in En2rety aside from the Crossroads being under 2gnis' control. All it means is that he sees his nibling 2hiro and ex-BIL Doctor Chainsaw around more often and that his customers tend to be more purple now. He makes plenty more money now, what with the value of his ability to an empire seeking to conquer all of existence, so he doesn't have much to complain about.


Owner Isoprene
Creator Isoprene
Designer Isoprene
Species Credit N/A
Profile Coding Eggy
Background secondgig
Music Psyche Origami - Directions

"Looks like that's it for our appointment, huh? Now, let's talk pay..."