Camilo Ferraro (Design Notes)



This is a page dedicated for design notes for commissions, art, etc!

Camilo's main page:

The important stuff:

  • He's male, and 36 years old. He's from Argentina.
  • He has a muscular, slim build. He's also 183cm tall (6').
  • He has dark skin. Please don't make him lighter. I include color palette references in his images, feel free to color-pick off of anything.
  • The tracksuit set in his normal outfit has 2 stripes down the front of his jacket and pants, and 2 around the collar. There's no stripes on his sleeves.
  • His cream-colored coat is lined with silver on the inside.
  • His boots are pretty much just Doc Martens' 1460s.

  • When asking for a commission, please draw him in his normal outfit unless I specify otherwise. With or without his coat is fine!
  • His black gloves are mandatory when in his normal outfit. Outside of that, it's still highly preferred that he wears them.
  • Besides his normal outfit, he dresses comfortably and casually. He also really likes Adidas.
  • As for R18 art... He has an F-List page here (18+ only) 👉👈 He's... pierced down there, which you can find reference for on his NSFW images tab or on other places like my Pixiv / his F-List page.

  • Camilo's mostly happy, rarely ever showing negative emotions. He's overly friendly, to the point where new people can be a little scared off.
  • He's young-at-heart, energetic and excitable. He fits the "older brother" archetype, caring for those he trains and his friends.
  • He's just a bit naïve, and a country bumpkin. He loves animals, especially cows.

Below are his reference images. Please see his full image gallery [HERE] for more art of him!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!