Camilo Ferraro
Black Bear
Mestizo (mixed), Argentinian/Argentine
Hair Color
Eye Color
Aromantic Bisexual
183 cm / 6'0
June 6
Blood Type
New York City area
Lammergeier Syndicate group leader (Caporegime)
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Camilo Ferraro

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Camilo Ferraro (full name Camilo Nico Ferraro) is a 36 year old syndicate group leader. He's 1 of 8 leaders in the Lammergeier Syndicate as one of their Caporegime, with his insignia ranking being three silver chains hanging over his right shoulder. As with the rest of the syndicate, he wears black leather gloves. He most often wears a tracksuit set with boots for his own comfort, but "dresses it up" with a coat due to the insistence of being presentable from his peers. His syndicate alias is "Black Bear".

Camilo can best be described as easygoing and fiery with passion, recklessly so. He's a country bumpkin that never really grew out of the mindset, despite living in the city for much longer now. Though he plays the role of Caporegime, managing and training soldiers, his grip is just a bit too loose for comfort, leading to various "accidents". If asked, he says "he can't control their free will". Aurelio is usually the one who's assigned to clean up his messes. He chooses to live life happily and comfortably rather than stressing out over his job. Outside of those mistakes, he's known for being a good combat teacher and will train with them for hours if it means they'll learn something new. He's particularly looked up upon by his younger students for his loose attitude. He specializes in teaching hand-to-hand and blade related combat, but is generally a jack of all trades. Even outside of training others, sparring is something he enjoys doing with others for fun. Though sometimes those sparring matches aren't exactly "agreed" upon by his opponent before he starts.

While compared to his peers, Camilo is... Incredibly normal. Albeit he's also autistic, but no one seems to mind his eccentricities once he discloses that he is. Just don't tell him to act "normal". He's generally a nuisance to those who can't handle his energy, but really he's just an average, excitable guy that's young at heart. He has the ability to get along with most everyone, though the way he treats younger people tends to be "babyish". It's meant to be endearing, even when its accidentally insulting. He's just a bit dense. But besides those shortcomings, its hard to find people who outright find him irritating when it all comes from a good place. He especially loves his students, having a massive soft spot for them as if they were his own little brothers, in a way. He's detrimentally friendly, even to those he just met, always greeting them with a smile and a dumb sounding laugh. But when on the opposing side of him, all of the things that normally make his demeanor pleasant and welcoming makes him more terrifying to his rivals.

He's considered a special asset for his lack of empathy, only ever feeling a semblance of it when it affects those he cares about, like his students and friends. It's a learned ability. However, his lack of empathy doesn't transfer to animals. Anything relating to them is a sore spot for him, especially with cows from his childhood of working with them on his family's cattle farm. Lack of empathy doesn't necessarily make him a bad person, so much as it creates a disconnect between him and people he doesn't know. And with his syndicate job, its used as a vital tool to do tasks others don't have stomachs to handle. He's not exactly enthusiastic about death or anything, it's more that he sees it as a necessary action for his job. He seems to be a nice man, and he is, but the niceness can only extend so far when it concerns his occupation. He'd rather end the lives of others in order to protect himself and those he cares about.

Even though he now calls him his Boss, Aurelio is his closest friend for about 20 years. Meeting in their teens, Camilo helped him adjust to life in the syndicate and in the US itself, being from similar roots as him. He partially considers him a role model (even if Aurelio doesn't think he's a good one). With the introduction of Valentine, however, Camilo more often is the one to bug him into "giving the poor kid a chance" with love. Boss doesn't exactly appreciate it... And tends to ignore him. He doesn't claim to know much about love himself and isn't interested in romance, but he cares about seeing his best friend happy. He's loyal to him to a fault, even if it can get under Boss' skin.

Friendly --- Blunt

Passionate --- Stubborn

Loyal --- Careless


  • Cows, farm animals in general
  • B... Beef...
  • FĂștbol, baby!
  • Anything made by Adidas
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Seeing his students' progress
  • The countryside
  • Hanging upside-down
  • Gone with the Wind
  • ChoripĂĄn
  • Revuelto de Gramajo
  • Empanadas
  • Milanesa
  • Oreos


  • His hair being pulled
  • Wearing suits
  • Green beans
  • Fish
  • Cigarettes
  • Romantic dates
  • Cops


  • Waking up married some day (?)
  • Commitment, in fear of disappointing others
  • Aurelio's eventual death
  • Animals being in pain or distress
  • Needles
  • Crabs


  • Sparring, training others
  • Watching older movies, like westerns
  • Lazing around on his time off
  • Playing fĂștbol with kids, also particularly likes teaching them how
  • Generally anything athletic/active


  • He's autistic.
  • He speaks English and Spanish.
  • He's mixed race, but he's believed to be Indigenous/Italian.
  • Though no one really knows where it's from, he has a bit of an accent when speaking English. Beginnings and ends of words are omitted at times, with weird pronunciation following. Can't say the end of words ending with -ng for the life of him. "Real amazin' of ya!"
  • Valentine's nickname for him is "Camimi".
  • He has a hard time looking people in the eyes, most of the time he makes contact just once briefly. He hopes people don't take it personally.
  • He likes to call his students his "cubs". Takes the Black Bear name a bit too much to heart.
  • He's aromantic, with an aversion to romance and relationships. Doesn't stop him from feeling bad about rejecting others, though. People just seem to really like him, "for some reason".
  • His fear of crabs is derived from being a little too rambunctious as a child and picking up all sorts of animals off the ground, no matter how angry they might be. Tragic anime backstory at the beach in which he gets pinched and forms an irrational fear of them, alive or cooked.
  • Every time Argentina wins a game he goes to gloat to Aurelio, his Brazilian "rival". Aurelio doesn't particularly care about sports. He taunts him back with telling him he's "not a real South American" for his indifference.
  • He knows his way around working on a cattle farm from prior childhood experience. He especially loves cows and knows the ins-and-outs of taking care of them.
  • He's not great at shaking hands. He does it way too enthusiastically, moving the other person's entire arm around with him.
  • He'll constantly use the wrong nickname or spelling for people. He never really learns.
  • He doesn't swear often, if at all. He doesn't like it and says it "gives a bad example" to his students.
  • He has piercings in a certain place people don't usually see hahahahahjdfhgdsjkghfkjhd

Voice claim: Todd Haberkorn

(Featuring Valentine in the later half ~0:33)

Image song: America - Yes

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He was created on November 3rd, 2020.

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