Victor Prov



2 months, 5 days ago


Victor is a mysterious figure who just seemed to appear as a Wall guard one day. No one really knows anything about him due to his reserved nature, but he seems to do his job well enough that no one questions it. There are many rumors about why he wears his hat and facemask all the time, though none of them are close to the real reason, which is to hid his wolf ears and long fangs. Because he has to hide his ears, he has a hard time hearing at points, and others have a hard time hearing him due to how quietly he talks. Overall he does feel sorry for some of the inmates, but not enough to do anything about it and risk blowing his cover. He absolutely hates Maggie, and tries to ignore her on the job, though that can be difficult when she threatens him constantly about what he's hiding to get him to behave and not say anything about her cruelty and crimes. This stress from the blackmail eventually boils over, and Victor accepts Octa's invitation to meet some others just so he can get some space for awhile. There he meets Mitzy, Maddy, and Tess, and he is relieved to see Mitzy lived through Maggie's attack, though he does feel second hand guilt about how her body was replaced with cybernetics. Eventually after a couple of meetings, Victor realizes he's falling for Mitzy, and due to what Maggie has put him through he's terrified at first, but eventually his feelings are returned and he allows himself to fall without fear. He still struggles from time to time, feeling like he doesn't deserve Mitzy, but she is patient and helps him through his trauma.