Starglass Zodiac


Starglass Zodiac is the story of Cassie Kay, a 14-year old girl born with a star in her left eye. Not much happens in her sleepy town of Little Falls until strange creatures start to appear that only she can see… for now. After discovering a stone zodiac on the hill behind her house, Cassie is thrust into an interstellar balancing act: The spirits of the 12 zodiac signs call upon her as the bearer of the Starglass, an ancient emissary between Earth and the Astral Plane. Constellations are disappearing from the sky and falling to Earth at a rapid rate, and it all seems to link to the mysterious 13th sign; Ophiuchus. Can Cassie restore balance when the two worlds collide?

Creation Year: 2015
Current Status: Ongoing

This folder contains characters from all corners of this series, including side stories, so be prepared for a lot of entries!


The symbols for the 12 zodiac signs and Ophiuchus are already in the public domain.
The other 75 of the 88 modern constellations have symbols designed by Denis Moskowitz (some in collaboration with Alec Finlay) and released into the public domain.
The rest of the symbols created for this series were designed by Katie MacKenzie (me).