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Commissions Open on Vgen

Posted 1 day, 59 minutes ago by Coywolfy

Order here:

I’m currently open for pagedolls and Ventis!

I’m on Vgen

Posted 13 days, 15 hours ago by Coywolfy

I got a Vgen account and will be taking commission from there!

I will still take normal commissions via dms but I am very excited to try Vgen!

Commissions open

Posted 2 months, 3 days ago by Coywolfy

Commissions are open! These will be completed in January!

DM me here, on twitter, or email me at [email protected] to order!

Order form
Comm type:
Payment type: PayPal/Stripe
Email for invoice:
Pose/commission details:

10 bluesky codes

Posted 2 months, 25 days ago by Coywolfy

I have 10 codes just comment below or send me a dm!
Please only ask for one if you plan to use it.

here’s my account if you want to follow me there 💛

$25 headie ych

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Coywolfy


Taking 3 slots! These will be started later tonight!

- Collars or clothing can be added for free
- I can change expression or change to a wink for free
- Comes with a transparent background but I can add a single color background
- any species! Furry ocs only!
- PayPal or Stripe invoice

To order just comment or PM me with your ref!

Character Boundaries

Posted 2 years, 23 days ago by Coywolfy

Things that are ok ✅💚

Fan art 
Even the most low effort doodles will make me cry from joy. If you want to draw our characters interacting that’s totally fine with me!

Asking Questions about Ocs lore
I do delete comments on ocs often so don’t take it personally if I answer and delete it later! If you have any headcanons or thoughts I’d love to hear them!!

Putting my characters in dreamie folders
I do not care as long as your not weird/creepy about it

Things that are questionable ⚠️💬

Shipping characters
I have a few characters that I really don’t mind you you want to but ocs like my fursonas are off limits. Asking first is your safest bet!

Drawing Explicit Fan art or character interactions
Preferably I’d appreciate if you ask before but I do have a couple characters that I’d be totally cool with it!

Things that are NOT okay 🚫‼️

Using my ocs for roleplay, rpgs, or other things
Just don’t! 

Heavy referencing or make inspired characters from my ocs
Again just don’t it’s creepy! I can’t control everyone but if I find out you’ve done this you will be blocked!

Offering on characters not for sale / asking for characters pings
while this is not a huge deal to me it gets annoying fast. 

Design Terms of Service

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by Coywolfy

If any of these rules are broken/not followed you will be blacklisted.
By obtaining ANY Coywolfy design you are agreeing to these terms.

My Blacklist:
- Foxxies
- petgoblin
- wizardkins
- skumk


- Do not sell a design for more than you payed unless there is added art (commissioned or personal). Please price fairly and don't overprice a design. Do not put up designs for offers unless its for offers under the original price or has been discussed with me.

- If a design is traded/gifted it is no longer allowed to be sold, for any currency, unless I am notified beforehand. This includes vouchers and art trades.

- You may change anything you’d like about a design made by me but you may not alter the artwork I have made with out my permission. This includes altering colors, drawing over, or adding text. Watermarks or resizing images are allowed.

- Do not sell my designs to anyone on my blacklist.

My toyhouse codes have a new home!

Posted 4 years, 2 months ago by Coywolfy

My codes now have their own account! You can find all of them at HTML_Coywolfy !

I'm also working on some small tutorials on how to use them and edit my codes!