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Sorry for the duplicate posts

Posted 1 month, 5 days ago by Coywolfy

Firefox loves to freeze up on my iPad and post things on Toyhouse multiple times ;w;

I’m so sorry, I promise I do not mean to!

$25 headie ych

Posted 1 month, 10 days ago by Coywolfy


Taking 3 slots! These will be started later tonight!

- Collars or clothing can be added for free
- I can change expression or change to a wink for free
- Comes with a transparent background but I can add a single color background
- any species! Furry ocs only!
- PayPal or Stripe invoice

To order just comment or PM me with your ref!

Character Boundaries

Posted 9 months, 26 days ago by Coywolfy

Things that are ok ✅💚

Fan art 
Even the most low effort doodles will make me cry from joy. If you want to draw our characters interacting that’s totally fine with me!

Asking Questions about Ocs lore
I do delete comments on ocs often so don’t take it personally if I answer and delete it later! If you have any headcanons or thoughts I’d love to hear them!!

Putting my characters in dreamie folders
I do not care as long as your not weird/creepy about it

Things that are questionable ⚠️💬

Shipping characters
I have a few characters that I really don’t mind you you want to but ocs like my fursonas are off limits. Asking first is your safest bet!

Drawing Explicit Fan art or character interactions
Preferably I’d appreciate if you ask before but I do have a couple characters that I’d be totally cool with it!

Things that are NOT okay 🚫‼️

Using my ocs for roleplay, rpgs, or other things
Just don’t! 

Heavy referencing or make inspired characters from my ocs
Again just don’t it’s creepy! I can’t control everyone but if I find out you’ve done this you will be blocked!

Offering on characters not for sale / asking for characters pings
while this is not a huge deal to me it gets annoying fast. 

Commissions CLOSED

Posted 10 months, 17 days ago by Coywolfy

I’m taking slots to pay my care credit bill! These will be scheduled for late January/Early February completion!

I can also draw humanoids sorry for the lack of examples!

Email me ([email protected]) or PM me to order

Commission type:
Payment type: PayPal/Square/Stripe
Email for invoice:
Pose/commission details:

Ask to be Authorized

Posted 10 months, 30 days ago by Coywolfy

Feel free to ask to be authorized! I have a few characters set to auth only.

I’d prefer to be mutually authorized but it’s not required 💛

I’m really not that picky with who I authorize but if your a newish empty account I might not just to be safe

Design Terms of Service

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by Coywolfy
If any of these rules are broken/not followed you will be blacklisted and not allowed to own any design by me. By obtaining ANY Coywolfy design you are agreeing to these terms.

My Blacklist:
- Foxxies
- petgoblin
- 97monstera
- skumk

Do not sell a design for more than you payed unless there is added art (commissioned or personal)
Please price fairly and don't over price a design. THIS MEANS DO NOT PUT UP DESIGNS FOR "OFFERS" unless its for offers under the original price. Or is okayed by me.
If a design is traded/gifted it is no longer allowed to be sold (for point/paypal/or any other currency)
The only time I will allow this is if I am notified FIRST. This includes vouchers.
Do not sell Coywolfy designs to anyone on my blacklist
You will be blacklisted and no longer allowed to own/buy/get Coywolfy designs
Do not edit over my art work
if you did not draw it then DO NOT remove/edit/color over/change hue any part of it.
Give credit on designs/art
I spent a long time making every design I make please give credit when it is due
Change anything you want on the design it's self
once bought the design is yours please change any part of it you like/don't like. Just DO NOT EDIT OVER MY ART. 

My toyhouse codes have a new home!

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by Coywolfy

My codes now have their own account! You can find all of them at HTML_Coywolfy !

I'm also working on some small tutorials on how to use them and edit my codes!