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hello! i came across your templates and i really love them and i want to use them but im having trouble with the codes and copy-pasting them to my bio, could i get some assistance pls ^^''

If you're still having trouble, try out what this thread says to do

I really appreciate your works! I've taken a lot of coding classes, but I still can't seem to grasp a lot of it. However, it's always very easy to understand what you've done on yours and it helps me learn while I set up my TH. Thank you sm :D

i've never seen such an amazling person 

I've used one of your html profile accessories! The coding is simple and easy, thanks!

May i know how do u use


how do u copy and paste it ?

Excuse me, I know it's sounds silly and I'm still newbie to toyhouse. Can I ask you how to paste the HTML codes? Thxx

me too i don't know

Woah your HTMLs are awesome, definitely gonna use one! :D

Hello, I wanted to thank you for all the awesome HTML themes you make! I'm new to but I used one of your templates for my main sona, and it's wicked helpful! So, thank you so much for your hard work :D

As an aside, I checked out your art, I really like your style. I wish I could draw like that~!

I'm glad you like my profiles. Welcome to toyhouse, I hope you enjoy the site. And thanks for liking my art.

Hiyo, just wanted to say thanks for all the codes you make! They're super useful and I've used them on multiple occasions :D And sweet profile picture, Spirited Away is lovely   

It's no problem, I'm glad you enjoy them! And Spirited Away is my favorite movie haha

Hi there!

I came across your template codes and I totally love them, they're so good!! I'm a little new to TH though, and I'd love to use the templates but I'm not sure how to. Are they only for people with premium, or can anyone use them?

Nvm, I worked it out! Thank you for making these codes, they're amazing! I'm definitely going to be using them!! :)

May you tell me how you copy and pasted the codes? I’m also new to the site

Sure! Once you find a code you like, the creator posted a link to the code somewhere on that page-- it should lead you to a very large chunk of gibberish. Formats depend on the creator of the code, but copy that code, then go to the editing page of your character. There's a row on top of the space you enter text for the description, with the bold, italics, emojis, font size etc. options. Click the " </> " button there and paste all of the text in, then click the " </> " again and it transforms into a lovely page! Then you can enter your information and save. Does that help?

Yes thank you so much! Also how do you put that on your profile page?

It's a little complicated, but pretty much, go to your profile picture in the corner of your screen and click on it; select any of the options under "manage". You can ignore everything except for the collumn that shows up on the left; it has a bunch of complictaed-looking options, and one of those is "profile content". Select that and then you'll be able to paste the code in, just like it were a character.

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I love your codes and art! I've been using codes since like two years for some of my characters so thank you for all of your hard work! :)

PS- what kind of kpop do you like? I love a lot of groups.

Thanks for loving my codes haha

I listen to a lot of different kpop groups, I don't really focus on one. Lately I've been really into kpop bands tho (such as The Rose, Day6, N.Flying, etc)


Ahh that's great! I love all of those a lot!

hi, ive been trying to use your tabbed profile and I'm having a hard time adding in images?

Bro I'm new here but you've been saving my life with those HTML templates, REALLY. I'm passing by for a huge Thanks!
When I finish doing my ocs and stuff, I plan to find out how to change the profile too (someday), then I surely will grant you some extra credit space there bcz dude they're amazing and helpful, like, a L O T. I'm doing slight editions by trial and error, learning to costumize collors, stuff like this, and it's being great~! I'm just sorry I was ashamed of commenting before, hah.

PS: ur art is hella cute! You've just entered on my little list of artists to support in the future.

It's no problem, and thank you for liking my templates. Also your extra note made me blush a little haha. I don't get nearly as many compliments on my art as I do with my templates, so it means a lot!

Aw, you're welcome~ That's a shame, they're just adorable! 

Hi, i just wanted to say thanks for the templates. also, i noticed in my notifs it seemed i accidently asked for a character tranfer i think? sorry if i did

I'm a newb to coding templates, how do you edit the bars on the accordion template?

For each bar you can find a % with a number. Change the percent number, and it will change how big the left side of the bar is (larger number = bigger)

Thank you so much! :3

Question, do I enable or disable WYSIWYG for the templates to work? 


I'd be willing to do it for free if I like the design and if I'd be allowed to give it out to other people for free (with credit to you for the design)

Yeah, I definitely could do something like that. I probably would change the space for "random pixel art" into a spot for a quote, but that'd be something you should be able to easily transform into a spot for pixel ar if you want. I'll tell you if/when I make it.

Me: favorite color is yellow


Jokes aside, thank you so much for all you do! Especially the hard work you put into your html templates just for us to use for free. You're amazing. Thank you!^^

You're a life saver

Thank you so much for making your awesome templates! I'm new to Toyhouse, and I had no idea how to code. But when I saw your templates, I just thought it was PERFECT! I'm using it on all of my characters, keep up the great work!

Same, they are a lifesaver for someone who can't code yet!

using ur templates tysm <3

Hi! I'm using one of your templates! I have one question, tho. Is it possible to change the colors of the code/template/html thing?

The thread says they aren't very active anymore and I know this is way later but I thought I'd link you to this. In case it helps. I haven't messed with them yet but if you need more help I'd be glad to try.

Hi, I've got information that you declined my request? Idk what does it mean but did I something wrong and what request? Not credited enough? :c

Hey, I'm using one of your templates. Thank you so much for creating them, they're wonderful!

Hi! I'm planning on using some of your templates! Thank you for this!

Using! Thank you so much for providing these for free!

Hello! I'm using some of your templates! They're super lovely! <3

Hello! i have used your template and wanted to say thanks. i hope this is how you comment.

Uhh hi, I'd like to address a small issue with the "RPG" character template you created, when I paste the code the stats section is all messed up. I hope you can fix it. Thanks :D

Love your templates! Also I love how Amaia looks!

I may not use your templates but they're good uwu!

also i still love your characters 

kickass templates! currently deciding which one to use... so many choices!

Nice templates but I am having trouble on where to put them on

Hello! Is it possible to change the colors in the Charahub profile template?

Yes, you can find the custom colors version of the template in the tabs section of the orginal profile.

There is a % number for each bar, making that number higher will make the left section of the bar bigger (ex. 25 will make the left section the smaller one, 50 will make the sections even, 75 will make the left section the bigger one) The number can be anywhere between 0 to 100

Thank you sososo much, the templates are so cute <33

thank you for These Pretty templates! ^^ i'll probably be using a few for my Characters <3

hi! ive used ur htmls a bit now, but do you know where i can find htmls for the main page of my profile(not a character)? you dont seem to have done any of those, so i uuhhh wanted to ask xD

I don't have any, but you can find some in the html section on the forums.

used on nirvana! thank you so much!

Tysm for the profile templates! I used one for my main character <3

Just wanted to say I really like your profile templates.

Hi! just letting you know I used your colorful profile template on my actual page, I hope that's alright. I made sure to make your credit more visible! Good job on the coding!

Hey on all your templates, the blank spaces are filled out with words. What language are those words in?

Oh, it's not an actual language. It's something known as Lorem Ipsum, and you can read more about it here:

Hello ! I'd like to ask some help with one of your templade ! this one in particular :

I'd like to know how to change the blue color for another one (like red or green) ?

You can use the custom color version of the template to do that:

Ooh I didn't know about this one ! Thank you so much for the help ^^ !

is sorey ok im concerned

lol he's fine, I think...

There is a width percentage for each of the bars. The higher the number for the percentage is, the more the bar is filled up with the color. Adjust the number accordingly to how much you want the color to fill up the bar.

Just wanted to say - I used your templates for my profile and they work perfectly! Thank you so much for them!

I'm glad to hear that you like them! :D


The template will only work on, sorry.

hope its not weird that i just saw this comment while scrolling through but i wanted to mention i could help with html5/css3 for free if you ever need the help :>

hey um may i ask how can i change the color of the border like here? i would like it to be pink, not light orange :/ ?

You need to use the custom color version of the template rather than the theme color version.

custom color version? may i get the link to it? :0

I'm not sure how to explain it other than saying to just replace the words in the coding to be words that describe your character.

sometimes on sundays i eat creamed corn with some slices of cucumbers and i also enjoy one punch man while i smell socks of my younger brother. for some reason the smell reminds me of when i was a young boy before college. i've turned into a different person and it hurts me inside. i've changed.

Ahhh thank you for the art of my trainer! It was such a nice surprise, she looks so lovely in your style   

im freakin SCREAMIN thank you so much for your drawing of iolana she looks fkljsdfsfs AMAZING!!!! :"")

Thanks so much for drawing Trish!!! She looks adorable   

Dog bless you for all these awesome free templates. You've got so many lovely designs!

Heya! I really adore people like you, who make free templates ;w;! I'm currently using your "Wiki-Template"! Suga is  an example  and yes, of course I credited your profile! But she's in her beta-version, so you won't see that much! But thanks again! ;w;

Hello!! I'm not sure if there are any rules for using your htmls (either I'm blind and can't find them or there aren't any--), but just in case I wanted to say that I really love your codes and templates, so I'll be using a few if that's okay!!

Thank you for liking my templates ;v;

All the info / rules I have related to my templates is located on my forum post for them. The only rule really is to credit me for making the html (and I already credited myself in the code itself so just don't remove it basically lol)

ahh okay, thank you so much for the info!!

Hello !

Sorry for the bother, I wanted to try out the Shortie Profil code on my characters, but it seems the code is kinda broken- ? I am really bad with HTML codes so I thought asking you if you knew how to fix it. xD;

Hope you have a nice day !

in what way is the code broken?

Basically, the "About" works perfectly fine, along with the tab, but when you click "Details" the box appears under the "About" instead of the same place and the two other tabs just don't work. The second section ( likes/dislikes/trivia ) is also reaaaaaaaally down and tends to be on the left side really compacted

I tried to search where the problem came from and the 2nd section is alright if we remove the first one !

Can I see the page where you are using the code so I can inspect it myself?

The about, details, backstory, and relationship boxes are each under their own 'tab pane' div. However, it appears that the 'tab pane' divs for details, backstory, and relationship are under the 'tab pane' div for about. This is caused by a /div missing, so I hoping if you add a /div right before the 'tab pane' div for details, the code will be fixed.

hey, sorry to bother you, but how do you edit the appearance/personality sliders in the Sheet template?

I'm sorry for replying so late. The highlighted part of the img is what determines where the slider is at. A higher percentage moves it farther to the right, a lower percentage moves it farther to the left.


Hello! I have a question about your Colorful Profile theme! How exactly do I make the Myers-Briggs graphic thing work/change it? :Oc I really love the idea but I'm not entirely sure how to use it!

the highlighted parts in the img below is what makes the special little box around each word in the mbti section (which has the introvert/extrovert and other things in it)


get rid of the highlighted parts to make a word not be in a box, and add the highlighted parts to a word that you want to be in a box (hopefully that makes sense sorry I'm horrible at explaining)

Hello!! I love all the hard work you put into everything,but I did have a question about your themes!!! How do I add in a profile picture for the themes???

You should be able to find something that looks like ( img src="url" ) somewhere in the code for the profile. You need to upload the image you want to place on the profile somewhere on the internet (such as the gallery section of your character, deviantart stash, or literally anywhere else you can upload an image) and then open that image up in a new tab seperately (so it's a tab with nothing but the image). Copy the url for the image and then replace the url that is already as the img's source and it should appear on your profile.

Thank you so much!!!!

i see u like osu and elsword,,,

indeed I do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

iv been trying to apply your RPG character template to my character but i'm having trouble doing so 

What is the exact problem that you are having with the template?

sorry to bother you, i figured out the problem i was having after an hour or so of fighting the internet.

oh ok, that's good

my bad ^w ^;

Thanks for the faves!


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pardon me, I have an inquiry regarding the implementation of your HTML templates... 

what exactly do you need help with?

I was confused as to how exactly I would be able to implement the HTML into the character profile. I found the code, now I just need to insert it somehow. 

You need to have WYSIWYG turned off. After you make sure it is off, copy all of the code and go to your character whom you want to have the profile. Edit their profile and paste the code in the big text box labeled "Profile"


Hi I was just curious how do you make your amazing profiles they are soon cool! Especially the rp profile,

I kinda just looked up a bootstrap guide and studied profiles made by other users and threw some stuff together based on what I learned.

Could you tell me how you make these amazing profiles?

i came her from another account that had some similar structures

i thought i would find some html code here, and my expectations got bigger when i saw the html tags

but i can't find any code

could you tell me how to do it?

ah, forget it

i've found it xD

i accidentaly send two replies

just ignore this one

Could you be so kind and tell me where you found the codes? lol I can't seem to fibd them.

If you're talking about my codes, you can find them here

Ah, thank you! ^-^

it has been 6 days, i guess you already found them but i guess i'll answer anyway xD


and it'll open to you 


the custom you can change some colours, like the colours of the boxes and stuff

the theme version you can't

Oh thank you so much! I haven't had much time to check into it all so I'm sorry for getting back to you so late. I found your profile randomly on the front page so I had no idea you had a forum lol

i have a forum? 



Thats for the fav on my vety gay boy but Also oml you play osu! Which kind?

I just play the basic ol' standard osu :'D

oh man, I'm an osu!mania player for the most part, im so bad at standard

its really fun to play for a breather, let my tired fingers get a break lol

I think I'm the worst when playing mania (rip my small dream of playing piano ;'D)

Thank you so much for the faves on my dragon bbys!  I appreciate it a lot ;u;

Thank you so much for the fave on rosamunde~