Jade-Everstone's Bulletins

Gallery updates:

  • Moved a bunch of characters into the retired folder. Pretty much I haven't drawn-up refsheets or thought of anything for them & I can't see myself working on them much in the future
    • NOT TAKING OFFERS NOW but... uh, there's a lot of them so whenever I'm in a better state of mind I might list a few for trade/adoption. Mainly bc I'm not attached to their design and never bothered with writing them into any 'lore' (or have any character interactions w/them). They're just hogging space at this point
  • Removed Tags for scrapped Ideas I'm not working on & don't plan on returning to. Just to keep things tidy
  • Added tag: might revive for OCs in the Retired folder that I'm thinking about bringing back

CW: Mental health issues. Not looking for pity, just wanna be transparent

I'll start off by saying 2020's the worst year of my life for a mix of personal and 'state-of-the-world' reasons. Ended up going AFK from social media & most of the internet because I'm having a difficult time handling things as it is. 

Blacking out the sensitive stuff. I've had of suicidal thoughts this year. Especially within the past 2 months I don't think I've gone a day without thinking about 'offing myself and there's a lot of points where I nearly did. Lost the drive to work on anything I was enthusiastic about like Monster, Hunter, Player and Artfight. Based off how things have been going for me, I don't think feeling will go away. 

As of right now, I'm only returning to toyhouse to manage & work on OC-related stuff (bc that's the only thing I can motivate myself to do). I have no plans to be active elsewhere right now, and I'd rather not be DM'ed or pinged unless you're a close mutual or friend.

To-do's + Profile updates

Posted 6 months, 20 days ago by Jade-Everstone

First off realized I haven't acknowledged my subscribers much so hi y'all & thanks for liking some of my oc stuffs and ramblings <3

Few updates

  • Cleaned up OC playlists/removed broken links
  • More unused characters are in the retired folder.
    • I long ditched last oasis so that folder is now retired
  • Renamed the "mazeworld" folder to "godrealm" Just thought it sounded cooler + it's where I'm putting my deity & powerful ocs and characters directly related to them
  • Added tags: suggestive ok, MHP, robotic
  • Moved some tabs to being sub-galleries (Prisma's human/android art, Jade's older designs/art, Patapon Iri) They aren't fleshed-out AUs & have specific info to them so I'd rather not have them be a separate tab
Things to-do (or im on the fence about doing
  • Giving characters new refs whether it's an updated one or a ref in general (major ones: Jade and Iri because they're my main 'sonas but they haven't gotten updated refs since 2017)
  • Redoing & deleting links. Some of them are outdated and I use them as a "this is how these two would interact with eachother" over notes on their relationships. Plus some of these interactions aren't canon and fall under 'what ifs' so I'd rather not have facts/info get mixed up with "If I ever met them we'd hang out in the mall till closing"
  • Major Overhauls to Prisma in general because? she's my main/fav oc but her profile is a mess
    • Redoing misc. facts
    • Adding backstories to both Robot/Regular Prisma and MH!Prisma
      • I'm VERY on the fence about this because its tedious to move pics to different tabs/characters but I'm thinking about making MH!Prisma stand alone character page over a Split tab. She's still an AU, but she's so far removed from Robot Prisma story and personality-wise she can stand as her own character
  • Also TBA but more stuff relating to MHP/Monster, Hunter, Player? (this fanfic) Mostly because it's an OC centric fanfic/every character is an OC one way or another and having some means to keep track of side characters would be nice
    • Even though it's oc-centric, I doubt i'll host it here because it's a fanfic and I don't know if that's allowed under the site's rules (i'll just link the fic for now)

New-Year's Reorganizing

Posted 6 months, 28 days ago by Jade-Everstone

yeah happy (late) new year to y'all

making a few more gallery updates later this weekend:

  • Reorganizing & cleaning up OC playlists. Basically, youtube's new coppa rules ended with a lot of broken links and made it harder to manage (tl:dr, bad rules, bad algorithm, bad restrictions, broken playlists). Also clearing out tracks that have been deleted bc links to those have been sitting there for a while now
  • Pushing older, unused characters to the retirement folder.
  • Adding new tags:
    • suggestive ok (OCs that I'm comfortable with suggestive/light nsfw. 
    • MHP (Characters in a fanfic I've been writing. Using 'MHP' because the full title is long)
    • robotic (Because I have a bunch of robot/robotic ocs right now & a lot of them are favs)

OC Twitter!!!

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by Jade-Everstone

Hey y'all finally broke down and made an OC centric twitter just so it's easier for me to keep track of info + it's a lil hub for cool facts, smol doodles, shitposts, development etc.

Come join the fun! https://twitter.com/jadeeocs

Character Profile Rearranging

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Jade-Everstone

Did a few updates worth mentioning:

- I'm putting reference sheets in character profiles, mainly since I'm tired of having to reorganize my pics every time I upload something

- Made another tab for Prisma (yeah she has a ton now lol) for all her Monster Hunter related art/au stuff because I felt it deserves one at this point

- Pushed Swift's Animal Jam info into a tab because I made their main storyline the Last Oasis

The new th rules have me a bit worried especially since i'm not sure if pics featuring ocs and a canon character are allowed anymore so I'm setting those to thumbnail only indefinitely. Full images are linked in the credits for those. Maybe in the future I'll just host pics with ocs and canon charas on imgur and link it as an "extended gallery" of sorts

Also might take down Radical Darling soon as well unless i redesign her or something ( i was planing on a redesign anyways but now there's more pressure to do so )

some reorganizing

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by Jade-Everstone

wasn't as drastic as i thought it would be but ok

gallery/tags update

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago by Jade-Everstone

decided to go through and add a few more tags n' such: