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OC Twitter!!!

Posted 4 months, 25 days ago by Jade-Everstone

Hey y'all finally broke down and made an OC centric twitter just so it's easier for me to keep track of info + it's a lil hub for cool facts, smol doodles, shitposts, development etc.

Come join the fun! https://twitter.com/jadeeocs

Character Profile Rearranging

Posted 6 months, 4 days ago by Jade-Everstone

Did a few updates worth mentioning:

- I'm putting reference sheets in character profiles, mainly since I'm tired of having to reorganize my pics every time I upload something

- Made another tab for Prisma (yeah she has a ton now lol) for all her Monster Hunter related art/au stuff because I felt it deserves one at this point

- Pushed Swift's Animal Jam info into a tab because I made their main storyline the Last Oasis

The new th rules have me a bit worried especially since i'm not sure if pics featuring ocs and a canon character are allowed anymore so I'm setting those to thumbnail only indefinitely. Full images are linked in the credits for those. Maybe in the future I'll just host pics with ocs and canon charas on imgur and link it as an "extended gallery" of sorts

Also might take down Radical Darling soon as well unless i redesign her or something ( i was planing on a redesign anyways but now there's more pressure to do so )

some reorganizing

Posted 9 months, 3 days ago by Jade-Everstone

wasn't as drastic as i thought it would be but ok

gallery/tags update

Posted 11 months, 16 days ago by Jade-Everstone

decided to go through and add a few more tags n' such: