The life of Tony Blanco, and his lifelong search for a purpose and meaning. Tonywrld is a term that encompasses all stories, while American Disaster is the canonical story told in five parts, of a boy desperately searching meaning in a suburban coastal town of 80s America. Eternal Summer is an alternative ending to American Disaster, while others are simply alternate universes.

Tonywrld has existed from 2014 and has went through multiple renditions and replotting, though did not come to writing until ~2019. It is by the far the oldest set of characters and stories I have.

American disaster

1: Suburbia 2: Splendour & Despair 3: Runner's Syndrome 4: The Bitter Mile 5: Curtains/The End

Read: Comprehensive World, Lore and Setting

Alternate universes / rp

Eternal Summer Odyssey Picture-Perfect Prodigies The Blanco Affair Stardrive