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These guys are always up for sale/trade- I personally have no connections to them/can't use them for anything, so just contact me here or anywhere else about them. Please, if offering via comment, please comment on the design's own page! Please don't DM unless it involves a more complicated trade such as a three-way or other trades like that. Thanks!
  • Please, before you offer on one of my characters/designs, please respect the bare minimum of reading my rules/restrictions I've applied to the design(s), if applicable.
  • I can reccomend looking at the wishlist below before offering (It toggles within the page/doesn't open to a new page)! I'm not really seeking out general characters as of now, and don't think I will for quite a while.
  • Please, do not offer on anyone outside of here and its subfolders (sans 'PENDING', of course) unless I've personally offered the characters outside these folders to you. Thanks!

Hover over a or the first three header symbols for more information.

USD (if applicable/appropiate!)

Spinxyn / Nephfei items (Please know that spinxyn are the only CS I'm particularily active in! I like other species/other species designs but I'm only active there orz)

Art, from anyone as long as it has some effort put into it (especially from mutuals/people I follow)!


One-offs with visible effort, care, and/or interesting features put into them (human, monster, creature, especially ones that fit into my design interests). I don't necessarily care about creator, just the effort involved.

On-base designs; prefer on-base designs with visible care put into them

Regular animal designs (including dogs, but mostly seeking those I can redesign)

Possibly other species (open and/or closed)? I prefer the actual design versus the species, and I'll be more picky based on what species the design is.


On-base designs with little care/thought put into them, especially emo dogs/dog designs

MLP/pony designs

Picrew/dollmaker designs, especially uncredited designs, or HEAVILY inspired/1:1 designs based on existing IPs

'Eyebleeder'/bright neon designs

Vaguely/blatantly/solely NSFW designs (especially children/'childlike' designs).


Angels!! I adore angel designs a lot, haha

Birds and/or avian themes, cats and/or feline themes

Oceanic themes (particularily deep oceanic or underwater themes)

Black, cream (or white), gold and/or blue designs are my Achilles' heel

Street fashion/urban/modern designs are also a big love of mine


Sorry if I seem picky- I have a lot of characters to juggle around already and feel guilty about not using enough. orz I'm much more likely to accept USD and art unless I find a character I absolutely know I'll mesh with

Like stated before, I'm primarily in Nephfei and not really too much into other cs groups- please let me know if the design you want to offer me is part of a cs other than Nephfei if it's not already stated!

If I'm subbed to you, I'm very much down for an art/design trade!

PLEASE do not offer your entire TH if you have 5+ pages of characters- I'd much prefer if you linked specific guys I may like!