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Heyo! I've used some of your codes, one of them for 2 of my characters. On one character it works just fine, but for her the text is coming up as white, but when i go to edit it, its shown to be black. I'm not sure whats going on, and if you'd perhaps have any clue?


Hi there! On a look, it seems like you blocked off each <span> that dictates the text colour immediately with another </span> which cancels out the preset black- this means it automatically conforms to whatever TH theme you're using. I'm assuming, like me, you're using a dark mode which makes text white. To fix this, just move those </span> tags so they come after your text (this will be before the </p>, so it will look like </span></p> if done correctly).

Secondly, please contact my side/coding account (Coturnix) regarding code questions, please! /:^) I actually check it semi-frequently and like to have everything there so I can keep things in order. Sorry about that, I definitely think it can be a little confusing since my codes link here so it's partially my bad, but thank you for enjoying my codes, it means a lot!

Thank you so much, that character is lovely <3


Of course! Grats on winning them!

Howdy!  I have a couple questions related to a design of yours I purchased in a clearout some time ago.  I absolutely adore this character and design, and I would like to ask a few things in regard to usage of this design.  I've read through your TOS, however I have a few miscellaneous questions that are not directly addressed there.


Sure! If you'd like to DM me or just ask them here, either way's a ok!

I'll shoot over a DM!  Thank you for your time ^^

hey, is there a chance i could use the code for your profile? all good if nah.


The code on my page here isn't mine- @badweather4cast made if free for use, so yeah, it's fine. The link to her codes is in the bottom right. Or, if you mean one of my codes, go ahead! Feel free.

ok but I absolutely LOVE Nocht,,,, he's so amazing wtheck,,,,,, AAA also ur profile page is great too???? Wouldn't have thought to use the code u did as a profile layout but it WORKS SO WELL hhhh :0 


Oh, hey! Thank you for the nice words, I'm really glad Nocht resonates with other people as he's a super personal character to me! :'^D

Ofc!! Heck yeah, I'm surprised he doesn't have like a million favourites haha,,,


Your OCs are absolutely wonderful!! I've loved poking around and seeing all of their awesome concepts ;0; thank you for sharing your work!


Didn't see this for a while, but thank you so much for the compliment, I really appreciate it!

sorry if it's weird to drop a comment but u have a ton of REALLY fuckin cool ocs dude!!!!!


Nah, it's really kind of you- thank you! :^D

I love you and I hope you know you deserve the best❤


I didn't reply on this earlier, but thank you, Rhi, it means a lot /:^)

(yoooo!! super random, but it felt important; i've tried linking your th as the creator of the GONE FOR SPRING design, just that th does not accept me inputting a th-creator (i have no clue as to why, it has happened unfortunately every time i tried it) - so i linked your dA profile + was able to link you as the artist for the artwork at the very least!!! super sorry for the inconvenience ;___; )


Ah, it's completely okay and understandable! /:^0c Thank you for notifying me! I appreciate it /:^)