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In response to your forum post, you guessed me correctly! Haha

Yeah, i try to stay confident and bold as i commonly find that if you dont, people will step all over you.

Ooh, that's really cool! I have never taken that into mind and that's actually a nice advice

Also, thank you for the sub! It was really nice of you c:

No problem! :) Glad its nice advice too! ^^


Yes!! The game was lovely and i'm there's a other fan :'D

A cheese... comrade...

Ur art style is so soft n pretty!!!

A fellow cheese. If we join forces we will be the inevitable, "Swiss Cheese"

Thank you! I could say the same to yours. You have a lovely artstyle with such a pleasant shading c:

Hello there, can I just say that your planet characters are awesome and adorable at the same time?

Hello and yes, yes you can. ANYWAYS Thank you so much!! aaa i appreciate your compliment alot :'D

ALSO, i love your pfp so much! The liar princess and the blind prince was such a good game omg. The OST is extremely great

Anytime! I’m looking forward to seeing more of them, I just love this concept a lot.

You played it too? I agree, I just loved the art style for it as well and the story was really cute and heart tugging at the same time!

Hello! I hope you have a good day today!

Hiya! Thank you and hope you have a good day too! :D


Wow! I love your characters so much?!
I've refrained from adding characters to my favourites because I know some people don't like that, but I would have added most of your characters to mine.

( I don't use favourites as a wishlist or as a buying list, it's for characters belonging to other people that I enjoy looking at. ;u; )

Aww, thank you so much!! I'm flattered to know that :D

Having my characters faved makes me feel appreciated so i'm not bothered in the slightest! (Infact, i didn't know there were people who use it as a wishlist, geez) but whatever comforts you m'lad c:

Hello! Just sending a small reminder to make sure you didn't forgot your claim here! ;w;

Oh i almost forgot. Thank you for reminding me! I'll be working on it soon c:

No problem! Take your time! c:

Thanks for the sub 'w')/

No problem! I enjoyed browsing and reading your characters

OOH!! Nice Made in Abyss pic right there, I can't wait for the S2 even though it was quite... O_O

Anyways, thank you so much for what you've said in the impression thread, it made my day! ;w; Yeah my stuff has been influenced a lot by DSP because someone I used to admire has looked up to him so much that the aesthetics influenced my style LMFAO

Hell yeah! Can't wait for all the S2 in 2019 tbh. Oh!! and the movie too! I need to know more about the lore pls

And no problem! I'm glad that it made your day :D ngl, i was a bit worried when i assume your artstyle was inspired by DSP, Turns out i was right ahah. again, glad it made your day!

omg the art of Amanda is soooo cute :D thanks so much xx

No problem! I'm glad you like it since it was a style experiment ^^

You’re pfp- t-tree dad??  <:Oc

Hell yeah! It's Tree dad alright :>


oogabooga sorry for the late comment, but thank you for the subscription!

Oogabooga no problem! I also forgot to say thank you for your subcription ahahaa. Your characters are interesting! I had a blast reading their bios :D


Keep up the amazing work buddy! ^-^ and i hope you have a wonderful day/night~

THANK YOU SO MUCH CHICA!! Im glad you like my OCs! Have a beautiful day or night to you too!

Thanks so much for your comments about my boy Daryl sgfbdgbnh I really appreciate it! I hope someday I can elaborate more on his past XD I'm still workin on it tbh ;w; 

No problem and thank you for the favourites! I'd really like to see more of his history someday

Thank you so much for your vote on my thread!

Oh, no problem! I really like the name mythicdraws