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Not an offer - Please delete if you're not interested ^^


I've created a discord server for all those who own/enjoy Mochiri designs and species! (Particularly the Fluffy Shrimp)

This server has been created in hopes of creating a community based around the fluffy shrimp. 

This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to find fluffy shrimp based commissions, easy access to other shrimp that are currently for sale, the ability to find friends who are also interested in the species, and easy access to fluffy shrimp based advertisement along with links to everything Mochiri ! (Such as official sale posts)

We have also put rules in place to avoid having your characters offered on if they aren't clearly stated as being for sale. (We understand how annoying that can become, so we will do all we can to avoid it from happening within the server)

We hope to see you there! And we hope that you will help us to build a wonderful, active community around the fluffy shrimp species.

If you have any questions do tell me, I will be happy to answer. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day (<- Server invite. Hope to see you there!)