I just want to promote  vincecarneiro for his beautiful code work here on TH. I think he deserves more love and attention.
He's also the one who did my current custom CSS theme and profile HTML. 

If you like what you see, feel free to contact him for custom work or check out his premade codes: https://toyhou.se/vincecarneiro/characters

If you're going to get a custom kindly be patient since he's having a difficult time at the moment; his mom recently got diagnosed with cancer.

I personally can vouch that Vince is wonderful to work with; and he's very accommodating to any concerns I've had throughout the process of my custom.

Thank you for reading and I appreciate if anyone would consider helping him out either through commissioning him or buying his codes!


Ohh thank you for the signal boost! I just started using TH yesterday and as a noob I was like wow your profile is so pretty. Great to know where to look now!! Hope you're doing gucci hen <3 

Heya tune! I'm totes gucci www hope you are too! I'm really glad you got interested. I really look forward to seeing a shiney fancy home for your OC's, so let me know if you push through with it.   

ehue okey! I'll report back when my TH is more properly setup :3

glad to hear you're doing gucci ♥

oh my god hen! that's so sweet of you, thank you so much! 🤧 you're so kind!

thank you soso much! 💕 i appreciate it a lot!

no problem vi! you deserve plenty more   

please take care oki