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Since the original Unpopular Opinion Thread is locked (it turned into a shit-show reeeaaal fast) , I've gotten permission to remake it. 

I've decided to use the original rules for the thread since those were gucci

Edit: I didn't mean to post ic aaaaaaaa

Spoilers: Rules

- Don't be very rude or snarky to others. Remember, everyone has their own personal opinions.

- Disagreeing with someone's opinion is allowed, as long as it's not rude.

- Yo don't namedrop people, even if they're not on this site.

- To avoid causing a mess, refrain from starting an argument at all times!

- If there's something wrong going on in this thread, or if it's going out-of-hand, please PM me so that I can take care of it!

- Vaguing someone is prohibited, and it's connected to the third rule.

- Please do not post more than twice per page, so that it won't cause too much of a mess.

- It's okay if you vent, don't go too all-out on it. This is not the Vent Board.

- Also, please try not to turn this thread into a saltfest.

- Please, no opinions focused on racism, LGBT, politics, religion and the like. These will cause a massive flamewar. Controversial opinions are also not allowed unless taken lightly.

- Don't say stuff like "I don't like X" or "What? I love X!" in a way that's aggressive. This is meant to be a nice thread about sharing your unpopular opinions, not countering someone else's opinion.

-If it's something nsfw, use a spoiler box, or blackout the text  like this

- Don't call this thread out as a "bad idea." If you don't like this thread, please do not post here.

-Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning, or ban depending on how severely you broke the rules.

Ey yo,  if you see someone breaking the rules, pm me. I love it when ppl do this because I'm a blind bih.

Banned Users

None (yet, but I think it's time to bring this bad boy out.)


I agree with the both wolves thing above. I do like the legendaries, (and their names, I think Zamazenta is one of my favourite legendary names ever) but they have similar palettes and similar designs and it just seems a bit bland to me. I also think they could have done the whole sword thing better as well. Take away the sword and I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me they were different varieties of the same Pokemon


I love the new legendaries...

but I wish they had been two forms of the same pokemon. Right now I feel like there's not enough to distinguish between the two.


I agree with Ariento, couldn’t they have just Lycanroc’d again? I would’ve minded less than I did with Lycanroc...


I agree with everything. I love them but at the same time, they seem more like part of a trio instead of box legends. 


i’m not buying the new pokémon games. im disappointed in the series. sun and moon were great, but these are just too different. doesn’t even feel like pokemon to me anymore.


blocking people without telling them why is ok. i see a lot of people complaining about being blocked and being like “i didn’t say anything bad.” i get where they’re coming from, but sometimes people just make me uncomfortable for reasons i can’t exactly pinpoint, and i’d rather just not see them at all.


people need to block threads more often instead of posting and being assholes to the op. so tired of logging on and seeing people attack others on these forums. jesus.