LF : LN, Hpuff O: Swap, dreamy+

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 2 days, 1 hour ago) by Ace-Of-Shadow

I am looking for lovenotes and heartpuffs for a three way trade !

heartpuff : https://toyhou.se/212846.akari   -  

Dreamy : https://toyhou.se/2990049.luz

Anyone here : Pandora-Trade

Almost anyone in here : https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:133490

I AM WILLING TO OFFER ADDS ON FOR THE RIGHT OFFERS ! I am also willing to do multiple from above.

I can add on art : https://sta.sh/2rwi7uq6389?edit=1

Characters from https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:133490

$$$ ? 

I also have a pinglist open if you would like to be notified of the trade or resell of a character you like : https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/101139.ping-list-if-you-are-interested-in-my-babies


galaxycrown Hi ! I got this child for free so sadly not ;//A//; She shouldn't be listed as I was not really planning to get rid of her (I've set a few characters in unlisted but I'm a noob and for whatever reason they still show rgrtg) but if you do purchase someone else (10+$) I'd be happy to gift her to you ;w; 


Ace-Of-Shadow Aaah sorry! I probably missed it, sorry > u>;;; I'll take another look, but tbh I tend to prefer more masculine characters so I didn't see anything that caught my eye ;; Glitter just has a really cool design that I thought I could work into a story


galaxycrown nuh nuh you didn't ! Just yesterday someone else asked about her ! >w< that's my mistake ! Ahh I can somehow relate to that ! Thank you for loving her ;//A//; 

// Pandora-Trade



before I choose a design

are you interested in any of these? https://toyhou.se/Of-The-Vacant/characters/folder:472424


@Of-The-Vacant I'm afraid these two are not quite to my taste, I'm not good with muzzled anthros ;-; sorry ! But I'd still love to hear if someone did interest you, I'm quite curious !


Haha me too xD they're way out of my comfort zone xD

I found these two adorable <3




Would anyone here https://toyhou.se/Silevren/characters/folder:all/tags:1/tagged:UFT interest you for Celty at all?


@Silveren https://toyhou.se/2084864.fiore I did like this cutie ! 


Silevren Yay pinging when I'm tired is not the best idea


Would you mind me asking how much she is worth in general ^^; as i was looking for a similar value trade for Fiore <33


Silevren Actually she doesn't have a value as I got her as a custom trade ;A; I would understand if that's a pass then ;w; 


XD That's ok would you possible be interested in trading Celty with maybe one other design? Because i like these two if not no worries :) https://toyhou.se/444044.eona- https://toyhou.se/381427.deimos


Silevren I'm afraid not ! I will only trade Deimos and Eona for a beromimi, heartpuff or BluC design, Deimos I got by trading a 200$ adopt and while I got Eona in a raffle, Baroquerie usually sells for ~60 (chibi) to 100 (fullbody) (and I did put money on her-) so yeah, that's a pass I'm afraid ! 


That's ok no worries ;)