Add character to Multiple folders

Posted 2 years, 7 months ago by Freeze-pop88

I know *technically* you can just make another full tab for the character but,, I have some characters where they're not different at all and so I don't feel like I need an entire new tab just to add them to another folder, but also feel weird not having them in the other folder(s) they apply to. Can there be an option added to just add a character to multiple folders?? I can't find a way to organize them where I can avoid having them apply for multiple folders.


+1 this would be awesome ngl



i need this so bad highkey




+1 kind of a pain in the butt when I have a folder for cloaed species BUT they are also a sona and i'll have to choose one or the other






Yes please! +1


+1 I have main fursonas that belong to certain stories i'm creating, but that would mean I have to move them from my mains folder to a whole new one, also meaning I wouldn't see them as much and possibly lose connection. I need this option so bad!!


Thought I commented here but i didn't

I would love this, i enjoy the sorting button and this would let me play with it much more

I could have one main folder around species, one around how much i like, one around gender, one around... etc



I want to be able to sort all my characters, but it kinda sucks that they can't be put into multiple folders. Especially because I want a folder to just put all of my characters in, while also having separate more specific folders.


+1 heck yeah

because of this i usually just have to use tags instead :' )




The Worlds function helps a lot with this. :) We just found it and we love it. Here are two Worlds we made as an example:

You can use tabs on the characters if you want to keep the art separate for each story.

The only bad part is the Worlds function feels sort of. . . away from everything else? But until such a time the Toyhouse staff decide to make changes, perhaps Worlds is good enough.



i really dont understand why its not a thing already! it seems such a simple yet useful feature