HTML/CSS Whitelist & Tweaks

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 4 months ago) by lulu

I'M NOT A FRONT END DEVELOPER omg i should really hire one but i'm literally never going to get around to it i'm so sorry 

Anyway if you see anything in the source that could be fixed to make skinning profiles easier or if you need any specific IDs or classes on elements make a post and I'll see if I can add it in for you (it's basically entirely dependent on whether it breaks current profiles or not).

Also, if you wanna use certain tags / attributes and you've noticed that they're blacklisted just post here and I'll see whether I can add it in for you, ye o/

manigordo oh!!... i didn't know, thank you mani!!!

was editing the css for a world page and noticed that for some reason gradients don't seem to be allowed, i don't really see why they shouldn't be so maybe whitelist them?

also this has been said before but being able to embed youtube videos would be nice

Custom cursors would be great! I can't seem to see if it is blacklisted or even possible but simple CSS cursors like dA has on their journal skins would be really good.

Not sure if I've missed something but can we possibly have min/max width and height whitelisted.. if they haven't yet?

transform properties and css masks would be amazing :)

Would love to have html image maps whitelisted - it would make relationship tabs and relationship trees so much easier to build

My friend can't access this thread for some reason but she'd like to be able to use onmouseover and onmouseleave html codes

text-shadow would be really handy to have, i think! nvm it's already whitelisted :'D