Character Directory HTML [Free]

Posted 1 year, 24 days ago (Edited 7 months, 25 days ago) by ElithianFox
A new version of this code exists! The old HTML will stay up, but I personally find the new one much prettier and recommend using that one.

Hey y'all! I've been working on a character directory for many years here on TH to better showcase my character, and I decided to up my game a little and create a layout that would allow me to better showcase my characters and give them a little extra info instead of making it just a few boxes with icons and basic details. So I played around with code a little and made a directory layout I was happy with!

Note that this is a layout that was designed to be used in the site's character profiles. It will work in bulletins and forum threads, but it will lose the coloured boxes that distinguish elements from each other. I suggest making a new character to hold the directory for you! Remember to turn off WYSIWYG for this, as it will very likely break the code if it's on.

Big thanks to vomcodesstuff for laying the groundwork of this template and allowing me to reference their code to make this template. They gave me permission to redistribute the template I made off of their code. I definitely recommend checking out their shop as well!

Layout's Features

  • Large header at the top and smaller headers for individual character groups

  • Place for character names, basic info about them, profile details, and a blurb about them

  • Mobile friendly for the most part

  • Fully adapts to your site theme

  • Add or remove as many characters as you wish

  • Template HTML holds groupings for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 characters

  • Don't remove the credit at the bottom of the layout

  • Feel free to edit to your heart's content

  • You can reference the layout as you please and make something of your own from it, chop it up, take parts of it, combine with other HTML, etc.

  • Please don't sell any of the edits you make to this layout

  • If used, comment on this thread! I'd love to see your lovely creations

Template - Full code

Character Index yenndou

Hey, thanks so much for going through the trouble of coding this up! I fell in love with the layout of it and figured I'd use the code and make a directory (or index) of my own! It's going to take some time to finish but, just posting to let you know I'm using the code and am grateful you've made it free to use!


yenndou Happy you like it! Hope to see the finished version of your index someday ;v;


Faving for future use! Thank you very much for this!


so is this limited space? Or can you have as many characters/folders?


JJTheNeko It's unlimited! You can add as many characters to each section as you wish and you can chain as many sections behind each other as necessary <:


Just checking. Using btw.


I've used your template! Will update as I draw more haha

Thank u for sharing this <3


This seems super cool! I will try to use it too, once I get my hands on a computer :3

Thanks for sharing this code with us!


i plan on using it hopefully! i'm currently in the process of editing it a little for my own needs before i put it up. this is just in case i do finalize it <3


Oh my god this is EXACTLY the sort of thing I've been thinking about getting for my page! Thank you so much! I definitely plan on using this! ;U;




I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think this is everything I've been looking for. <3

we shall see <3