Show Off Your Newest Character!

Posted 2 years, 4 months ago (Edited 11 months, 24 days ago) by Azior Blye Isoprene

i am earnestly shocked that there wasn't already a thread like this?? (if there is let me know!)

Anyway, this is a thread where you, well, show off your newest character! Maybe you just got an adopt you love, maybe you finally gave an old character a profile here, maybe you just came up with a new character idea, or maybe you finally finished a bio for a character that was already up but technically consider that to be your newest character since they're the newest complete one! Either way you can post here IC or just link to their profile to show them to everyone! Or both! You can give a little summary of your character, ramble about the ideas you have for your newest design so you don't forget, compliment someone's new OC, or congratulate people on getting a design they really wanted! I love exclamation points!!

I just finished up Azior's profile, which I'm really happy about because now I can finally show off the commission I recently got of him that I'm still screaming about because it's really damn good!!! He's a gunslinging thief who lives for the adrenaline rushes that breaking the law gives him. He's no stranger to bank robbery, kidnapping, and murder... and yet, somehow he wound up on a journey to save the world alongside a bunch of other villainous scoundrels and some happy-go-lucky kid who evidently isn't the best judge of character. He's one of my favorite OCs, and even though I haven't actually written anything with him yet I love thinking about all of the interactions he has with the other characters in his story. All of his character dynamics are pretty golden, so once I get the other characters from his story up it'll be fun to get working on his links!

Now I just have to decide what kind of format I'm going to use for the stats and skills section for all of the RPG Hell characters... I'm torn between using RPGMaker's default stuff (since that's probably what I'd end up making RPG Hell in if I wasn't super lazy) or writing said sections up as though they were Disgaea FCs (since I'm a Huge Nerd and make Disgaea stat sheets for all of my OCs that might exist in a game setting). But I'll worry about that later! For now I'm off to work on another profile. B)

Lil Sheepo coming through! 

This lovely costs my friend $250 and i'm slowly going to pay her back bUT GOSH LOOK AT HOW AMAZING SHE IS?? She's a jellybean dragon and i l o v e her so much ;^; I've been waiting for her feral form for awhile since I can't draw people and she goes with Zain (one of my other JBD's) as his mate and thdhsifiuedh i just love her so much guys 

She was AB on first sight


FINALLY got my girl Flossie a profile on here!! i'm still working on her and she's a huge w.i.p but. i lov her

!!! Made this boyo yesterday and i'm already in love with him!! I don't really have a place for him in my storylines but I feel like he's gonna be the rare storyless characters I love too much to part with.

Made this boy today for an upcoming open species!

my new blue boy <3333

Just made her a few days ago,tho I didn't upload her until yesterday ^^