The OC Situation Creator

Posted 2 years, 15 days ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Isoprene

So I'm a big ol' fan of Shindans and my friends and I used to make a bunch for our own sites filled with our own OCs and inside jokes. Those were always lots of fun, so I decided to make a kind of general Shindan to generate wacky (and sometimes not-so-wacky) situations!

Just plug in your OC's name, your name, someone else's name, an object, whatever! I intended it to generate OC prompts for writing or making comics and whatnot, but you can use it for everything! The generator's results change every day, so if your favorite OC gets a pretty boring prompt one day you can try again the next to see if you get something more entertaining!

It's pretty lighthearted overall with a lot of comedic options, so even if you have no intent to do anything with your situations they're always fun to make! There are a couple of points in there about death and injury and one implying the consumption of alcohol, but there's nothing particularly intense in there and should be suitable for anyone to have fun with overall!

Here's what to post in here:

  • Your results! Funny, fitting, inspiring, whatever! Bonus if you link back to your characters where applicable! Don't forget the results change every day! You can post your non-OC-related results as well!
  • Anything you create based off your results, be it a short story, a comic, or a silly doodle!
  • Suggestions for things to add to the Shindan, though I might not add everything suggested!
  • Any typos you notice! Obviously the grammar is going to be a little wonky in places since not all of the options mesh perfectly with each other, but if you notice I missed an "and" somewhere or something is spelled wrong, let me know!
  • Any spin-off Shindans you make (like if someone wanted to make one with more 18+ results or something like that)!

I'll hopefully be adding things periodically, so have fun!


Okay, I did a bunch of these because this seems like a really fun idea.

Blade tries their best and is then filled with a sense of dread.
Honestly, that's just canon for his day to day life. Poor kiddo.

Nila goes out on a hike and, because of this, they become a target...
Probably got a bit too close to Naga territory. She doesn't exactly bare the best reputation with those folk.

Arusi decides to try something new for once and wishes they hadn't.
You know, I'm not sure I wanna know what she did, haha. Alcohol was likely involved.

Foren gets involved with a shady group and then... you don't want to know.
Um?? Please don't hurt the child. (He probably got trouble with pirates.)

Lithani dies and returns as a ghost because they could.
Probably out for revenge. She's a sore loser even in death.

Hallucina goes on a walk and then helps an old lady cross the street.

Nukala is on vacation and doesn't know what to do.
Aww, he does need a vacation! He needs to go explore delicious cuisines.

Adi asks someone for help with something and ends up creating something amazing.
Perhaps a portal into an entirely new dream realm? 

Bellatrix is made royalty for some reason and then they pick up a burger.
Honestly, I can see that happening, haha.